A Traveler’s Guide to the Best Beaches Near Taipei


Many people who visit Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, choose this destination for the cultural experience. However, its coastal location along the north coast of the country means that there are also some fantastic beaches to visit. While some of these are busy tourist spots where you can have fun and enjoy a range of land and water-based activities, others are areas of natural beauty or places where you can relax away from the city’s bustling vibe. If you are visiting this location, here is a traveler’s guide to the best beaches in Taipei.

Qianshuiwan Beach

According to Nick Kembel, Qianshuiwan Beach is one of Taipei’s best beaches, and it is also one of the most popular tourist spots. It is a lively beach with activities to enjoy, and you will see many families spending time on the sand. The beach is lined with bars and restaurants, so it is an excellent choice if you plan to eat out after spending the day on the beach. Most restaurants are open to the beach, so they are the ideal spot to watch the sunset with a drink.

Dawulun Lovers’ Beach

Dawulun Lovers’ Beach is a quieter option for those who do not want to spend time on a beach filled with tourists. It is located just outside Taipei in Keelung City. The beach sits in a picturesque spot alongside a small fishing harbor, and it boasts soft white sand and clear waters. It is ideal for taking a walk to enjoy the surroundings, or for relaxing and enjoying the peace. As this is a spot mostly frequented by locals, there are fewer shops and restaurants for tourists. However, there are some small restaurants along the street, and there are toilets and showers.

Waimushan Seaside Scenic Area

Just a couple of miles along the close from Dawulun Lovers’ Beach and closer to Keelung City is Waimushan Seaside Scenic Area, which you can reach from Dawulun Lovers’ Beach by taking the Waimushan Coastal Path. The beach is close to the harbor, where you will find Waimushun Fish Market. Although the building is dilapidated, it is a fantastic place to sample fresh, locally caught seafood. Waimushan Seaside Scenic Area is the longest natural seashore in the area.

Baishanwan Beach

The word Baishanwan translates as ‘white sand bay,’ which is a little misleading as the sand is light brown. Nonetheless, Baishanwan Beach is a fun place to visit, and it offers a similar experience to a visit to Qianshuiwan, although there are fewer restaurants. It is a popular place for surfing, although it is not the best option. Those who do not have their own gear can hire surf equipment to use.

Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Taiwan, and it is located in the Gongliao District of New Taipei City. There is a small fee to enter the main section of Fulong Beach, which is accessed via a bridge. However, the east end of the beach is free, so head to this section if you have do not want to pay. Fulong is famous for hosting the annual Sand Sculpting Festival, which you should try to attend if you are in the area at the right time of year.

Wanli Beach

Wanli Beach boasts some of the whitest sand of any of the beaches in Taiwan. Although the waves are a little rough for swimming or surfing, it is a popular paragliding spot as it is quite windy. Despite being a popular spot amongst tourists and locals alike, there are not many things going on along the beach, but there are some restaurants if you cross the street.

Green Bay Beach

Next to Wanli Beach is Green Bay Beach, which is also known as Emerald Beach and Feicui Bay. Although it is only a small beach, it is relatively well-known as both the Pacific Hot spring Hotel and the Howard Green Bay Resort sit on this stretch of the coastline. Green Bay is also famous for being home to the UFO houses, which were part of a 1980s experimental housing project.

Wai Ao

Wai Ao is the largest sand beach on the list, although it differs from the other sandy beaches on the list, as the sand at Wai black. It is volcanic sand, which is quite common in Taiwan. Wai Ao is a stunning beach to visit, as it sits against a backdrop of magnificent mountains. It is worth taking a boat trip along this stretch of the coast, as the scenery is spectacular. You will see things such as a white mosque sitting amidst a lush green forest. The southern end of Wai Ao is also one of the best and most popular surfing spots in Taiwan.

Yehliu Geopark

Strictly speaking, Yehliu Geopark is not a beach in the sense that there is no sand. However, it is one of the most stunning stretches of coastline close to Taipei, so it is a location that you should include in your vacation itinerary. It is one of the most popular day trips from Taipei, as people want to see the stunning and unique rock formations. The geopark is a 1,700-meter long cape that stretches out to sea. There are multiple rock formations to see, but the most iconic is the Queen’s Head.

Pacific Landscape Park

Guide to Taipei recommends the Pacific Landscape Park, which is behind the Tungtamen Night Market. The park is divided into a north section and a south section, both of which have beaches set against beautiful mountain scenery. The beaches feature both sandy areas and rocky sections. There are some vendors along the beaches where you can grab a snack. Another feature of the park is the bicycle path, which takes you all the way to Qixingtan Beach.

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