10 Things You Didn’t Know About Aamir Baig

Aamir Baig

Aamir Baig is the CEO of Article. It’s a company that focuses on direct to consumer delivery of modern furniture that is reasonably priced in original designs. It offers consumers high-quality items at reduced prices compared to traditional retailers. Baig’s success has been based on his ability to provide goods the public wants at substantial savings. He is a savvy entrepreneur who has found the secret of success. With experience across multiple business sectors, Baig seems to know how to create viable startups and build them into thriving enterprises. What are his secrets? We might all learn more about success in business by learning these 10 things you didn’t know about Aamir Baig.

1. Aamir Baig has lived around the world

According to the Daily Hive, Baig was born in Pakistan. His father was enlisted in the Pakistan Air Force, and this meant that his family had to move around a lot. He grew up in Pakistan and moved to Canada when his family immigrated there in the 1990s. When he was just 17 years old they settled in Edmonton, Alberta.

2. He completed his education early

Before embarking on a series of career endeavors, Aamir was wise to build a solid educational foundation. He enrolled in courses at the University of Alberta in Canada. He started classes in 1997 and completed his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, graduating in 2001. This laid a foundation of knowledge and helped him to acquire skills that would help him to succeed in the business world. He continued his education 6 years later, earning his MBA in business from INSEAD in 2007.

3. Baig isn’t afraid to try something new

Baig is a co-founder of Article and part-owner. He and a group of friends came up with the idea to provide consumers with unique furniture options that are both modern and stylish, high in quality but offered at a fraction of the prices charged by traditional retailers. This was new territory for everyone involved, but they believed their idea would work so they fearlessly moved forward to make their dream a reality. Article was launched in 2011 and it has grown to become the fastest growing business in Canada. It has maintained that distinction for the past two years consecutively.

4. Aamir knows how to effectively use resources

In any business, it’s essential to know who to effectively manage resources to get the most out of every component. Baig knows how to choose employees wisely to help run his business operations. Article started out with just a small team of engineers. They made it work and have grown to a company that employs more than 350 people throughout North America.

5. He is fearless in business

According to BC Business, Baig shared one of the secrets of his success. When asked what kind of animal he would like to be he said a lion. He chose this animal because lions are fearless. Putting fear aside to focus on the task at hand, with confidence, hard work, and smart planning, he and his co-founders established a wildly successful company that is continuing to grow and thrive. Fearlessness is the attitude that will help you get where you want to be in life.

6. He has a wellness plan

Baig has a lot going on both professionally and in his personal life. He realizes the need to care for his body and his mind, so he developed a schedule that keeps him on track. He makes time during the middle of the day to get away from the job and to clear his mind. He keeps his body in shape by going for a run. He shared that it helps him to clear his head. This short time breaks up the day and helps keep him in good physical and emotional shape for better decision making as the day wears on.

7. He maintains a positive attitude

Most of us have complained about at least one job we’ve had in the past, or still have, but this isn’t the attitude that Aamir Baig allows. When asked what his worst job was, his only response was that they’ve all been great. His attitude lets him see the positive in every situation and his answer tells us that he doesn’t make time to think about or focus on that bad that happens in life. He’s the kind of guy that sees the glass as being half full instead of half empty.

8. Aamir is a well-balanced family man

Aamir Baig is a husband and dad. He follows a schedule every day. When he awakes in the morning at 6 am, he gets a little work done first, then he wakes his son and daughter. He takes the time to sit down and have breakfast with them before he drops them off for school every weekday morning. He shared that he gets two work at about 9.30 am. He’s the boss so he can set his own hours, but we can tell from the success of Article that it’s working for him. Aamir understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life balance and he makes time for his family.

9. Aamir has founded two companies

Article isn’t the first company that Mr. Baig has established. According to his Linkedin page, before he got involved with Article, he was running another company. He co-founded GfK/Etilize. It’s a data collection and analytics solution that uses AI to serve the consumer products industry globally, providing access to critical real-time data for making better marketing decisions. He sold the company when the opportunity to get involved with Article came up.

10. He’s a long-hauler

When it comes to business, Aamir doesn’t jump around chasing rainbows. He has his feet solidly anchored on the ground. After founding GfK/Etilize, he served as EVP of Global Operations from 2009 through 2011, before selling his interest to move forward in his career. He founded the company in 2000 and remained employed in one capacity or another for 11 years and 2 months before moving to Article. He’s served as CEO of Article from March of 2011 to the present. This will be his 10th year.

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