Miko launches Hindi speaking robots

MUMBAI: Mumbai-based Miko, that makes emotive robots for children has launched Hindi speaking child companion robots.

According to the company the product is designed to target the Hindi speaking population which amounts to over 40% in the country. The robot, Miko 2 can also speak in Spanish and Arabic.

“With the growing awareness on the importance of wholistic parenting, people are now more conscious and recognize the gravity of this topic. Our aim is to address this need and become the most trusted brand when it comes to technology for a child, learning and development,” Said Sneh R Vaswani, Co-Founder, and CEO, Miko.

Miko 2, is the latest version of the earlier introduced version of Miko which is a robot that can see, hear, sense, express, talk, recognize faces, remember names, identify moods, initiate a conversation, and learn from its own environment to develop a bond with a child.

After the company’s US expansion, Miko it has now scaled its user base to more than 90 countries. The company said that it saw over 20% month-on-month growth in engagement during the pandemic The company also said that it saw an immediate increase in demand during the months after the pandemic began with parents hunting for an alternative to screens.

The company raised a pre-series B round of investment of Rs 23 crore led by Stride Ventures earlier in October this year.

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