Springworks joins hands with Cure.fit, Plum, YourDOST, Mindhouse, Clinikk, Nova, GoodHealth to launch Employee Wellness bundle for startups


Bengaluru, October 14 2020: Bengaluru and Santa Monica based HR Tech company Springworks has partnered with companies like Cure.fit, Plum, Nova, GoodHealth, Clinikk, Mindhouse, YourDOST and others to introduce a first-of-its-kind Employee Wellness bundle for startups and growing companies.

The Springworks Employee Wellness Bundle covers several dimensions of employee well-being in one place – mental wellness, remote-team games, health insurance, fitness, telehealth – to help companies take better care of their employees. Companies can sign up to receive a free consultation from Springworks which will help them determine the best ‘bundle’ for their use-case. This way they’ll be able to shortcut the hassle of evaluating vendors and leverage Springworks’ partner network to quickly and efficiently bring these initiatives to their workplace.

Kartik Mandaville, founder and CEO of Springworks, explained the ‘Why’ behind this initiative. “The pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our lives – the biggest being how we work. With extended periods of work-from-home, both employees and employers have realized how challenging it can be to stay connected to your team, manage your time, and mental as well as physical wellness.”

He added, “At Springworks, we faced this exact same challenge at the start of the pandemic. In the past six months, we’ve experimented with a plethora of options and after rigorous testing, implemented several initiatives, products and services that work for us. Springworks Employee Wellness Bundle is our solution to help companies deal with the same challenges and help find what works for them.”

Employers looking to create a ‘Bundle’ can head over to the website and submit their details. Springworks is taking a consultative approach where they’ll reach out to the HR/People Ops teams of interested companies and over a short call help the organization figure out the best bundle for their specific needs according to their company size and employee demographics.


Springworks Employee Wellness program partners understand the value of employee well-being. “At Nova Benefits, our #1 value is ‘Health’ (of employees) and #7 value is ‘Success’,” said Saransh Garg, co-founder of Nova Benefits, about his company’s employee-first philosophy.

“Organisations are reconfiguring their people strategy to strengthen employee morale. They have become more cognizant of their employees’ health and understand that it is a cornerstone for building strong employee-employer relationships. At the same time, it is important to remember that just tickbox health benefits are not enough for business continuity and employee initiatives,” said Bhavjot Kaur, co-founder of Clinikk Healthcare, underlining the importance of taking a holistic view of employees’ health.

“According to a 2015 study by Assocham, 42.5% of working professionals suffer from depression or general anxiety disorder. Another study by the Assocham in 2018 found that 46% of the workforce in Indian organisations suffers from some or the other form of stress. In fact, Indian organisations lose $150 billion a year in higher stress and reduced workplace productivity. It’s very important for organisations to ensure employees’ mental health and employers need to adopt a holistic management strategy for the same,” added Richa Singh and Puneet Manuja, co-founders of mental wellness startup YourDOST.

Pooja Khanna, co-founder of Mindhouse said, “It has become more important than ever before for organizations to focus on their employees’ mental well-being. While the situation is challenging, it is heartening to see companies step up and take this aspect of our health seriously. We’re delighted to have partnered with Springworks and hope more organizations make mental well-being a part of their employee wellness calendars.”


Springworks, along with the partners, believes that for employers and organizations it will be critical to keep a tab on their employee’s changing needs. The Employee Wellness Bundle is a massive step towards providing for those needs – mental, physical and emotional support.

“With the pandemic, setting up comprehensive health insurance has become a high priority for most organizations, however smaller teams still struggle to get good health cover. Springworks has taken a much needed initiative with the employee wellness bundle, and we’re excited to partner with them and provide affordable health insurance to every company, irrespective of size”, said Abhishek Poddar, co-founder of employee health insurance startup, Plum.

Kartik adds, “As founders and HR professionals, we’ve built teams of dedicated and passionate people at our companies over several months and even years. We need to make these people feel safe, protected, and supported. This is the only way forward for organisations to succeed and thrive in the new-normal.

Apart from health insurance and mental & physical wellness focused offerings, companies can also choose fun remote-team-building activities including Remote Games: Cyber celebrations for conversations and connections by Radhika Mohta, and escape room games by The Amazing Escape.

To create an Employee Wellness Bundle for your organization, head over to the website.

About Springworks

Springworks is a Bangalore and Santa Monica-based HR technology startup that is building tools and products to simplify recruiting and help organizations engage and retain their employees. The product stack from Springworks includes SpringRole — verified professional-profile platform backed by blockchain, SpringVerify — B2B verification platform, SpringRecruit — a forever-free applicant tracking system, SpringEngage — an employee recognition and rewards platform that enriches company culture and Trivia — a suite of real time, fun and interactive games platform for remote team-building. Springworks prides itself on being an organization focused on employee well-being and workplace culture leading to the 100+ employee strength company being rated 4.9 on Glassdoor.

For further information, please contact:

Email: abhash.kumar@springworks.in (Head of Marketing, Springworks)

Twitter: Springworks | Kartik M, CEO, Springworks | Abhash K, Head of Marketing, Springworks

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Springworks joins hands with Cure.fit, Plum, YourDOST, Mindhouse, Clinikk, Nova, GoodHealth to launch Employee Wellness bundle for startups Springworks joins hands with Cure.fit, Plum, YourDOST, Mindhouse, Clinikk, Nova, GoodHealth to launch Employee Wellness bundle for startups Reviewed by TechCO on 10/15/2020 Rating: 5

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