What Are Your Best Options for Pontoon Boat Flooring?


There are many different types of pontoon boats you can buy, and each one can be used for a number of different ways. Generally, how you intend to use your boat will dictate what kind of features you have on it and what materials they’ll be made of. When it comes to pontoon boat flooring, you only want to use the best. The flooring will always be the first that gets a beating on a pontoon boat, so one of the best ways to prolong your pontoon’s life is to select the finest flooring. Here are some of the best pontoon boat flooring options you can choose from.

1. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is one of the more versatile pontoon flooring out there. They are easier to install than other alternatives, and they also happen to be on the more durable side. Vinyl is certainly a better option than carpet in many ways. Apart from durability, vinyl is also a lot easier to clean and maintain. Given that boats are always exposed to the elements, materials will often deteriorate fairly quickly. The good news is that vinyl can withstand exposure to the elements better, and it’s also more resistant to general fading.

Vinyl boat flooring comes in a variety of styles to go with your pontoon boat seating and/or furniture. You can also choose from woven vinyl styles, which is essentially vinyl with a textured finish. While they may be durable and appealing, vinyl flooring does have a drawback. Vinyl flooring will absorb heat easily, which means that they get warm to the touch when exposed to the sun. If you don’t have a Bimini top or any kind of roofing, you might find yourself standing or walking on a hot floor. Getting some shade for your pontoon is one way to curb this issue easily.

2. Plywood flooring

There’s something about wooden flooring that adds a little bit of sophistication to a pontoon boat. There’s a lot of customization you can do with deck flooring. You can go with a variety of colors, styles, and different kinds of wood as well. Plywood will also come in a variety of thickness. For the purpose of boating, you want to get flooring that’s durable and marine grade. Pontoon Specialists offers high quality Douglas fir veneers that’s been treated with CCA. Chromated copper arsenate, or CCA, is a water-soluble wood preservative; it protects any wood from getting attacked by termites and getting decayed from fungi. Combined with the use of marine grade glue, these deck flooring options are designed to stand up against the damage that water and sunlight cause. While it may not be the favorite among boat flooring options, deck flooring will last a while if cared for properly and treated regularly.

3. Paint flooring

Paint is a popular pontoon flooring option for those looking for a viable DIY option. There are a few advantages to using marine paint for your flooring. For one, paint is the most affordable option you can have. It’s also one that you can really pull off on your own, and it’s quite forgiving even when you make mistakes. Perhaps our favorite about using marine paint for your pontoon flooring is the versatility. You can virtually get paint in all the usual colors, and you can really get matched with the design of your boat. Aesthetics aside, pontoon flooring paint will turn your floor into a non-skid surface. This is particularly important on a boat, where slips and falls happen often.

The only difficulty you might encounter with using paint for flooring is the preparation. In order for this to work as close to perfect as possible, the surface prep on the floor needs to be immaculate. You have to be as detail-oriented as possible, and you just can’t skip any step whatsoever. From sanding to cleaning, you need to pay close attention to what you’re doing. You want to make sure you tape where it’s needed, and you want to make sure you work efficiently.

4. Carpet flooring

Considered to be the most common flooring for pontoon boats, carpets are definitely great contenders. They offer comfort, and they also offer affordability. Carpets also come in a ton of styles. You can get as creative as you want or stay with the classics if you feel like it. In addition, carpets are also fairly easy to put on. If you hire a professional to do it, they’ll definitely be able to handle no matter what customizations you might have on your pontoon. If you’re choosing to do this as a do-it-yourself project, you might have to consult with pros first before you proceed. Regardless, it’s doable and the final result isn’t as permanent either.

While carpets may be a popular option, they also pose a few problems for pontoon boat flooring. For one, carpets are porous products. They get stained, and more importantly, they get wet. Maintaining a carpet flooring on a boat takes a lot of work, and it has to be done. Given that carpets on boats will constantly get exposed to moisture, this also means that they will always be prone to mildew, especially if not cared for properly. So as soon as your carpet gets a stain, it’s important that you clean it right away. Stain will seep deeply into the fibers of the carpet, which will make it more difficult to clean. But you also need to think about dirt and debris, which will happen and will require regular cleaning as well. Marine carpeting might be the better option altogether because they are more resistant to water and weather. Just remember that carpet is carpet. If you don’t mind the maintenance that goes with it, you’ll definitely enjoy the feel of it beneath your feet.

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