The 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Spokane


Nothing in life is 100% predictable, and when accidents happen, you need someone to help you fight for justice. As we have watched from the many legal drama shows, lawyers are usually at each other’s throats with each trying to convince the jury to rule in their favor. Unless you hire someone willing to go all out to defend you, you have almost zero chances of receiving fair compensation. Hence, this reason, if you live in Washington and are looking for the best personal injury Spokane has to offer, you are in luck. Here is a list of those you should consider.

1. James R. Sweetser

James has been in charge of the Sweetser Law Office for over three decades, having started the law firm in 1984. As disclosed by some clients in a video uploaded on Facebook, James does not mind dealing with some personal issues they present to him. Besides his wealth of experience, he prides himself on being elected the county prosecutor at 36. His areas of expertise are auto accidents, wrongful death, product liability, and catastrophic injury claims.

2. Sara Maleki

Sara attended the Gonzaga University School of Law and has been licensed since 2010 to practice in Washington and Idaho. Her dedication to her clients’ needs also saw her learn foreign languages; therefore, apart from English, the lawyer is fluent in Farsi and conversational in Spanish. She is a partner at GLP Attorneys and concentrates on medical malpractice, automobile collisions, construction accidents, nursing home neglect and abuse, and wrongful deaths. In 2016, Sara was ranked among the top lawyers by Spokane Couer d’Alene Living Magazine, and since 2017, she has been picked as one of the Rising Stars.

3. Janelle M. Carney

If you visit the Spokane and Tri-Cities Offices and can’t get a hold of Sara Maleki, Janelle is more than capable of sorting out any issues related to personal injury claims. She is the managing shareholder of GLP Attorneys. After her experience in insurance, the lawyer felt her knowledge was best suited in fighting for justice for those who barely have a voice. She is a highly-rated lawyer who became a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a privilege that only around 1% of lawyers in the US enjoy.

4. William A. Gilbert

William, popularly called Bill by his clients, has made a name for himself by representing serious personal injury cases that take up 50% of his workload. He usually represents the plaintiff in general personal injury and medical malpractice cases. One of his landmark cases published by Trial Lawyers College, almost soiled his reputation because the defense attorney accused him of using the TLC method beyond the scope of the closing argument. He went on to win $1.2 million for the Rockstool family whose three children had been injured in a school bus accident. However, his most significant achievement has to be the $716 million he won during a wrongful death action.

5. Michael V. Felice

Since graduating from Gonzaga University School of Law, Michael has been working as a lawyer after obtaining his license in 2004. He specializes in criminal defense and personal injury, and together with Jodi Felice, he established the J│M Felice Legal, PLLC. His commitment to ensuring he is around for a long time protecting his client’s interests also saw him join the Washington State Association of Justice’s Eagle membership program. From his client’s review, Michael is among the few lawyers who keep their word and treats his clients with the compassion they deserve.

6. Todd J. Adolphson

Todd is a personal injury lawyer who is part of the team at Piskel Yahne Kovarik PLLC, Spokane. He was recently recognized as a Rising Star in 2019-2020, and since the annual honor is for only less than 5% of lawyers in the state, it speaks of his competence in his areas of practice. Besides, he began practicing in 2013 and has already started to gain recognition is enough to convince you to hire him.

7. Andrea L. Asan

After graduating from Montana State University with a bachelor’s degree in business, minoring in marketing, Andrea furthered her studies at Gonzaga University School of Law. She graduated with honors cum Claude in 2004, enabling her to join the Washington State Bar immediately. The lawyer also obtained her license to practice in Washington and the United States Eastern District of Washington. Her general personal injury cases account for 10% of her workload, and she represents both plaintiffs and defendants.

8. James M. Owen, Jr.

James worked in other law firms before accumulating enough experience to establish his own, Owen │Vanderburg. He made the right decision because, as per his clients’ testimonials posted on the firm’s website, James is the go-to lawyer. One revealed she has sought the firm’s legal expertise for the last eight years and always wants James to represent her in all her legal needs. His partner, Vanessa, has been praised as the friendliest and most helpful attorney who responds promptly and lays all the cards on the table for clients to make informed decisions. Together, they handle a wide range of areas and focus on medical malpractice and wrongful death in the personal injury category.

9. Robert C. Hahn III

With a 95% 5-star rating from the 21 reviews that date back to 2008, Robert can flaunt himself as a consistent lawyer when trying to get the maximum compensation for his clients. One person recalls that while another lawyer had advised they should settle for $500, Robert swooped in and saved the day by obtaining a $100,000 settlement, which even shocked the client. Therefore, it is no wonder that for seven consecutive years since 2011, he was recognized among Spokane’s top lawyers. He uses his 21 years of experience to handle cases concerning immigration, bankruptcy, and personal injury.

10. Kathleen H. Paukert

Kathleen’s work experience goes way back to 1988 when she was a program analyst at The Pentagon before proceeding to venture in law by interning at the Washington State Attorney general’s office. Since then, she has climbed the ladder by being a partner in four different firms. She has been a partner at Paukert & Troppmann, PLLC, since 2006 and recognized as a top-rated lawyer in Spokane since 2008. Her clients are happy with her, going by the 100% 5-star rating she has.

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