A Closer Look at the 2020 Supra SA 550

2020 Supra SA 550

To stay at the acme of any sphere of the world, be it social or economical, you need to have a certain level of dynamism about you. You need to keep the masses guessing your next move because anticipation and mystery are, in fact, the most influential selling points in this age. Failure to abide by this gospel and you might find yourself either gradually or abruptly phased out by new, up-and-coming competitors in your respective field. Consequently, it is safe to say that dynamism, mystery, and fluidity make the secret cocktail that is a success. Supra has been designing and manufacturing boats for some time now, and it brings the said philosophy into corporeality. Every move the brand takes is an endeavor to ascertain that it stays ahead of the competition by providing its loyal customer base with nascent necessitates the consumers might not have known they needed. That is the recipe for its success, and that is why the company has managed to stay at the apogee of premium boat manufacturing since its inception. The new model the boat maker has just come out with is the 2020 SA 550. With this model, the company has been able to create a watercraft that embodied everything it stands for. This boat epitomizes the Supra ideology. Here are ten things you might not have known about the 2020 Supra SA 550.

1. Break from the past

From the get-go, it is evident that the designers at Supra went for a completely different look when coming up with the design for the 2020 SA 550. When compared to the model that anteceded this one, you immediately notice that almost everything has changed. This clearly illustrates the dynamism that has driven Supra to the zenith.

2. Dimensions and specs

The boat has a length overall of 22 feet, and 5 inches and the beam is 102 inches in length. It has a dry weight of 5,800 pounds and can carry a further 2,400 pounds. It has a ballast capacity of 3,500 pounds and a fuel capacity of 63 gallons. The engine on the standard version is the Roushcharged Indmar Raptor, and it can produce up to 575 horsepower.

3. Design

As stated earlier, almost everything in the 2020 model is different from the 2019 model, including the design used. For a boat designed for wakeboarding, there are certain things in the designs you would expect. The SA 550 has met all those expectations and then some.

The boat’s contouring allows it to fulfill its raison d’être, which is offering a streamlined body, while also making sure that the boat itself has the poise and elegance you would expect to find on a yacht. The red and black colors on the standard model work synchronously to give you a color pattern that is aesthetically appealing to the eye. The overall effect of these features makes the watercraft extremely stylish.

4. The bow

At the front, you are provided with an extensive area for comfort. The seats have been strategically arranged to ensure that there is adequate seating space. Through some savvy design, the center padding can be converted from a large cushion to a walk-through padded area.

5. The helm

Everything at the control station has been made to ensure that the navigator enjoys steering the boat. The helmsperson’s chair has a bolster and the legs to ascertain that you have a clear view while remaining comfortable. The chair is also fully-powered, meaning that you can raise or lower it, or move left or right based on your preferences.

6. Steering wheel design

Another cool thing about the steering wheel is the avant-garde concept used in making it; they have integrated push-button controls onto the steering wheel itself. Consequentially, you will not have to move your hands hither and thither to adjust features like the audio and the surf-wave direction.

7. The display platforms

The SA 550 has two enormous touchscreen displays that act as the interactive platform between the driver and the boat in its entirety. They both have an anti-glare finish attached to them, making it easy to read during the day. They are also super intuitive and are very easy to work with. The first screen, located on the right of the driver, gives you access to almost all of the electrical and mechanical systems on the boat. Features like the speed, ballast control, and surf system are controlled here. You can also plug a camera at the back of the boat, record, or just see what is happening. You can also rotate and control the camera through the screen. The second screen, which is the center screen located behind the steering wheel, shows the gauges, like the revolutions per minute and the speed of the boat.

8. Sound

Another feature that sets this model miles apart from its closes competitor is the stereo system. The new SA comes with a top-tier JL audio system. The system is made up of dual 12-inch subwoofers, 7.7-inch speakers in the bow, 8.8-inch speakers in the cockpit, and nascent DSP amplifiers. The speakers at the cockpit and bow have been placed to face the passengers, making sure they experience the full musical moment.

9. Seating

Considering the size of the boat, it may come as a surprise to many that the boat can easily carry up to 16 individuals. And this isn’t by just cramming everyone into a tightly congested space. The seats, both in the bow and the cockpit, have been designed to increase the level of comfort other features on the boat offer. The upholstery is in the upper echelons of design, and the vinyl used is not only soft and comfortable, but it is also made to make sure it doesn’t heat up when exposed to long periods in the sun. Even during a hot summer afternoon, you can still enjoy the ride.

10. Pricing

For the standard version, the starting price is $137,200. This amount may increase when you decide to add some of the optional features.

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