What Makes Lexus Rims Different From Other Car Rims?

The Lexus NX vs RX 1

Most everyone is familiar with the Lexus brand…higher end cars with a name associated with quality and status. But Lexus is not a ‘stand-alone’ brand…in fact, it is actually the luxury car division of a company we all know and can mostly afford: Toyota. Whether that was a bit of knowledge you already had or not, it is an important thing to keep in mind as we tackle our topic: What makes Lexus rims different from the rims on other car brands? Before we answer that question let’s take a quick look at the history of Lexus.

Founded in 1989 by Eiji Toyota, the company is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. They are a premier maker of the F marque, a line of high-performance vehicles, as well as luxury cars for individuals and families. Most everyone has had an opportunity to ride in or drive a Lexus, and if you haven’t you’ve certainly seen your share of Toyotas, which are pretty much the same thing but with fewer luxury options.

So, back to the original question: What makes Lexus rims different from the rims on other cars? While this is the question there are many other related inquiries, like ‘Are they exclusive to Lexus, or are the rims interchangeable with other makes and models? Some want to know details, like size variations and bolt patterns. Others simply want to know if the rims from their Lexus will fit on their Volkswagen, if need be. Why don’t we take a look and get these questions answered as clearly as possible?

Lexus Rims

Let’s begin by discussing bolt patterns. Lexus makes a 5-lug rim for their CT 200H models, their ES series, and their GS, HS, IS F, IS, LS, LX, RX, SC, and Sport Cross models lines; they make 6-lug rims for their GX series. Different models have a high positive offset which may measure slightly different than the next, but sources say they all measure 5X114, so the are completely interchangeable (with the exception of the six-bolt rims, of course).

But what if you have a Lexus but for some reason have no access to a replacement rim or rims that are from a Lexus? Well, Lexus forums, which feature questions and responses from enthusiasts and owners, state that some Mazda and Nissan rims may fit as suitable replacements, along with Toyota, for obvious reasons. But as for simply fitting a different bolt pattern that what is original to the car, well, that may take a bit of steady cash flow to get done safely and right. For those of you who are willing to use a Lexus rim on another brand car, let’s take a look at the reason for specific rim patterns. After all, you want to make sure it won’t pose a safety issue to use Lexus rims on another car or swap out another brand on your Lexus. Read on…

I Found Some That Seem to Fit, But Is A Change Safe?

This is a great question, and the answer is one that is seemingly ignored by many backyard mechanics and those with no knowledge of the facts. According to Entrepreneurship Life it’s about more than making your car look cooler or more like a Lexus, and it’s about more than a quick fix for a tough break. There is a bit more to it than measurements and matching lug nut patterns. Companies, in fact, design rims to specifically meet the needs of each model car. For instance, lug count is typically reflective of the size of the vehicle as well as its width, the terrain it’s meant for, the speed range it will be driven, and much, much more. While a lug pattern may match or closely match (enough to get by), you are highly likely putting yourself at risk by settling for something that isn’t proper for your car according to manufacturer specs. A higher rate of speed on rims that aren’t designed to take it could not only damage your vehicle’s suspension system, but it could also put your life and the life of your passengers at risk.

With all this in mind it is safe to say that even though rims can be interchangeable from brand to brand, they may not be safe. To put it simply it is much more sensible and responsible to stick with Lexus rims that fit when shopping for rims for your Lexus, and it is better to keep other brands with the rims they were designed to have, as well. Better safe than sorry, right?

Are Lexus and Toyota Rims the Same?

This is a good question, considering both brands are made by the same company, look the same, and drive the same. The answer is yes, the two brand names’ rims are interchangeable, but only between certain models. For instance, you can’t be putting Toyota Highlander wheels on a Lexus sedan, but the rims from the Lexus RX 350 would be able to swap rims with the Highlander easily. As we mentioned earlier, a Lexus is a high-end Toyota, with a few more bells and whistles and options. For each Toyota model there is, there is Lexus that looks just like it…it just bears a fancier brand name and comes with more luxurious extra options.

In A Nutshell…

There they are: The differences between Lexus rims and the rims on other cars. While it isn’t always practical to stick with the right rims it is always safest and best. Lexus created the very best rims for the need of the vehicle and the people inside of it. Changing out your Lexus rims with those from a Toyota, and vice-versa, is probably okay, but be sure to speak to your dealership or mechanic before jumping into anything; you want to be absolutely sure you are getting the safest bet for your car, and for those who ride in it. As for switching out with another make? Well, be sure to bounce the idea off a pro for sure, unless you’re confident enough in your own personal knowledge to go forward. Lexus made their rims for the need of the car they carry; be sure to do things right, because in their own way, they are very different. Think things through and be safe out there.

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