The Five Best Chopard Perfumes Money Can Buy

Chopard Perfumes

Chopard may be best known for its wide collection of jewelry, watches, and fashion accessories, but the brand is also in the business of developing some of the most lovely fragrances. The high-end brand expanded its business to include a variety of designer scents. for your consideration and enjoyment, here are the five best Chopard perfumes that money can buy.

5. Casmir Chopard Edp Spray 1.0 ounce

Casimir Chopard Edp Spray is sold at a price of $309.99 per fluid ounce. The size of the bottle measures 2.75 inches in width and 3.0 inches in height by 2.75 inches in depth. This scent has its origin in the United States of America. It is bottled in a decorative clear decanter with a spray attachment. This is an EDP Eau De Parfum type of perfume with a woody and rich scent that has sensual overtones. The perfume comes neatly packaged in a bright red box. A little goes a long way.

4. Chopard Happy Lemon Dulci Perfume

Chopard’s Happy Lemo Dulci Perfume is a member of the Happy Chopard Eux de Parfums collection. This light and refreshing scent is the creation of Dora Baghriche. The scent was fully developed and released for sale to the public first in 2018. It features a citrus green fragrance for ladies. This delicious scent has the top notes of a fruity lemon, mandarin orange with bergamot, shisho herb, and ginger. The base notes feature a woody and minty essence with middle notes of apple, cucumber, orange blossom, and mango. Each fragrance created for Chopard is crafted with ingredients that are natural and obtained from sustainable sources. Chopard has provided the highest quality in jewelry and fashion accessories since 1860 and this tradition of excellence is carried on through its fragrance collections. Happy Lemon Dulci Perfume is one of the brand’s more affordable options without sacrificing the quality and uniqueness of the fragrance. It is packaged in an ornate glass bottle with a bright yellow box.

3. Love Chopard Eau de Parfum

The very appearance of the Love Chopard Eau de Parfum is breathtaking in its red decanter that contains the fragrance. The clear red glass bottle is finely sculpted with a clear red lid topping the spray attachment at the top. The sprayer is gold-tone and matches the gold accents on the bottle in bright shiny metal. This fragrance is of red-carpet quality with a glamorous appeal. The fragrance was crafted as a tribute to roses. The scent is the design genius of Alberto Morillas. Each natural ingredient has been obtained from natural and sustainable sources. This is a floral perfume with notes of mandarin, rose Taif and Damascena rose infusion at the top. The base notes are Turkish Damascena rose absolute and patchouli. The middle notes feature jasmine sambac, centifolia rose from Morocco, orange blossom, and Bulgarian Damascena rose essential oil. This product is made in Italy and imported for sale throughout the world.

2. Chopard Rose De Caroline Eau De Parfum

Chopard Rose De Caroline Eau De Parfum is referred to by the maker as the jewel of perfumery. This scent was developed and perfected by the master perfumer Alberto Morillas. It was made for a friend named Caroline. The perfume is crafted of ingredients that are natural and ethically sourced to maintain a commitment to producing green and wholesome products. This scent is an intense infusion of Bulgarian rose absolute, which is among the most precious and expensive ingredients, valued higher than the precious metal gold. It is used only in the development of high-end fragrances. This has been combined with other unique scents to produce the one of a kind richness of a seductive scent that is warm and inviting. This fragrance is bottled in an attractive clear red glass decanter with beveled ornate edges and an intricate gold cap that provides a lovely accent that matches the gold print describing the scent on the container.

1. Chopard Jasmin Moghol

Chopard’s Jasmin Moghol is a floral scent that is crafted of ethically sourced natural ingredients. Upon the first aroma, you can detect the subtle notes of Nocturnal Indin jasmine along with the thrill of tuberose essence. These ingredients are blended with Damascena rose, a scent that has a high value in its raw form. It is an exquisite scent that is unimitable. Lower notes of cypriol which contributes a leathery scent, and creamy sandalwood that excites the senses. This is a warm and sultry fragrance that has a fair degree of intensity. it is inspired by a Jaipur love garden. The Jasmin Moghol perfume is held in an attractive clear green container that features beveled edges that sparkle in the light. It has the appearance of a brilliant emerald gemstone in its rectangular shape that resembles a cut gemstone. The print on the bottle is made of gold that matches the decorative cap, also rendered in a gold-tone that contrasts wonderfully with the deep green that has a radiant appearance. The bottle is packaged in an attractive green box.

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