How Sommer Ray Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

Sommer Ray

When Sommer Ray was only ten, her favorite song was “Glamorous” by Fergie, maybe because she could picture herself flying first class and living on the fast lane. Today, Ray can afford the glamorous life she envisioned thanks to the millions she has accumulated over the years. She has grown from being a country girl to a renowned Instagram model. Her beauty and curvaceous body have enabled Sommer Ray’s net worth to grow to $8 million, a figure that will soon rise considering the ambition that fuels the model and entrepreneur. Here is how she rose to fame and prosperity.

Sculpting Her Body from an Early Age

Ray was raised in Colorado on a ranch with her brother and two sisters. The 40-acre ranch was enough to turn Ray into a country girl who enjoyed riding horses, taking care of the goats and chicken, or assisting her mother run the boarding facility. The family was a bit conservative, preferring to homeschool Ray. The lifestyle got to the young girl’s head, so she always dreamed of the day she could get out of the tiny town of Larkspur.

She began taking an interest in her parents’ activities; her father was a bodybuilder, and at the age of 14, Ray began training with him. Her mother used to compete in bikini competitions, and Ray also got interested in them. She sculpted her body so well that when she first entered the contest, they had to create a teen division. Unfortunately, not everyone understood why a teenager was showing off her curves in a bikini. According to Forbes, when she began competing at the age of 16, people thought she had daddy issues, not understanding that it was her father who had trained and supported her passion. Since Ray had stopped being homeschooled at 14 and joined school when she 15, her schoolmates also did not understand her, thus began slut-shaming and bullying. Eventually, Ray had to drop out, but the negativity only fanned the flames of her burning desire to be more than just a bikini model. She was good at what she did, landing 1st place in 2015’s NPC Colorado State Championships in both the Bikini Teen and Bikini Class D categories. She continued participating and went up to the national level until she was 18, when she decided to give it a break. Unlike Ray, who was working hard at the gym and eating healthy to maintain her gorgeous body, her fellow contestants were taking enhancement drugs. Consequently, she opted to focus on an Instagram modeling career.

If You Have a Ferrari, Drive It

They say if you got it, flaunt it, and Ray has her own expression: “if you have a Ferrari, drive it.” The model acknowledges her curvaceous body, which she insists has taken a lot of hard work and discipline to sculpt. Therefore, keeping “the Ferrari” packed in the garage is not an option; the best way to showcase what she got is through social media. She already had the dream of being like her sister, who had a photographer friend. The friend would visit the sisters, and Ray took advantage of this to have mature photos taken when she was 15. According to the Netline, she knew the pictures were too sexual, but then she acknowledges that she has always been expressive. However, she cautions that she is not like that in real life.

She combined her love for expressive photos with fitness passion and began posting workout videos and pictures on Instagram in 2016. Before she knew it, Ray had become the heartthrob of the bodybuilding community, and girls wanted to be like her. She decided to show another side of herself beside the body, thus created a secondary page to show her personality. While all these helped to push her celebrity profile, what really catapulted her rise to fame was being named the Lovely Lady of the Day by Sports Illustrated. She shifted gears once again from bodybuilding to bikini modeling. According to Wealthy Gorilla, her diet and fitness regimes changed as she focused on her lower body. As a result, she developed the perfect curves to attract swimwear manufacturing companies like Myokore to assist in their campaigns. The average salary of a bikini model is $37,240, which could be why Ray decided to up her game and increase the revenue streams.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

In May 2018, Ray announced that her fitness app, Evolve was up and running and urged her fans to subscribe. The Pro subscription starts at USD 12.99 per month, and she also got another app, the Fitness plan, where fans can train with her. The Fitness app has over 30 workout plans, and subscribers can access it for a monthly subscription fee of USD 7.49. The model also got creative and created Sommethings, described by Nickiswift as a subscription set box. The box comprises beauty and fashion products, jewelry, accessories, and gadgets, and a member pays $49.99 every two months. The members then get a box filled with about ten premium products worth $200 and a 100% money-back guarantee.

As if that is not enough, Ray was ambitious enough to set up the Sommer Ray shop where she deals with beachwear, swimwear, jeans, and exercise gear, among many other types of clothing. She encourages shoppers to buy high-quality products by offering free shipping within the US for orders worth over $70 and internationally for orders worth over $150. Ray also has a huge social media following that is worth her while. For instance, her YouTube channel has 1.87 million subscribers, and her videos attract hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of views. Since the more the views, the more the money, it is clear that Ray is filling her pockets through her social media following. As an Instagram influencer with over 25 million followers, her posts also add to her net worth. If an Instagram influencer with a million followers can make at least $10,000 per post, you can guess how much Ray makes with her 25 million fans.

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