Biiggbang Amusement to launch OTT service for short-format films

MUMBAI: Entrepreneur Sudip Mukherjee and Shrikant Agrawal have joined hands to launch a video streaming service, Biiggbang Amusement, which will only offer short-format content, ranging from 15-90 minutes.

Set to launch on February 14, Biiggbang Amusement will offer short films in 10 Indian and eight International languages, spanning across genres. The company has already acquired award-winning short films for the platform and is in the process of commissioning originals films. To be available as a freemium service, it will also offer paid subscription at Re 1 per month.

“We have identified some need gaps in the OTT space in the last 18 months. Many users don’t have time to binge watch long series and want good quality short format content depending on time,” said Sudip Mukherjee, founder and CEO, Biiggbang Amusement. The service will target users in age groups of 13-20 years and 20-40 years.

“We have identified that audiences can spare leisure time in gaps only and they have shown affinity towards watching fast paced content with complete stories. Our service will be highly focussed on technology and innovation and will also give viewers the option to search content based on time duration of 15-30 minutes, 30-45 minutes, 45-60 minutes and 60-90 minutes,” he added.

The service will offer handpicked original content as well as acquired short films from award-winning directors and from film festivals from around. The OTT will launch with 60-70 films, including 28 originals. The company plans to release one film per day on the platform.

“We are in talks with producers and rights owners and will have a substantial library with 200-300 titles soon, but our focus will remain on originals,” Mukherjee said.

The co-founders have invested $5 million of their own money in the project, and will be infusing another $20 million in the short-term, he said. While the service will launch with five Indian languages, it will add at least one new language every month and plans an international launch in 2022.

“As per our projections, we are going to break even by March 2024. The primary markets will be India, South East Asia, USA, Africa and Russia, followed by the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand and then the rest of the world,” he added.

Biiggbang Amusement to launch OTT service for short-format films Biiggbang Amusement to launch OTT service for short-format films Reviewed by TechCO on 1/18/2021 Rating: 5

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