The 20 Best Places to Eat in Queens, NY

The Bonnie

Regardless of whether you are visiting Queens in New York or if this is your home, you will find no shortage of fantastic places to eat out in this area. Queens boasts a vast array of dining options, with eateries to suit all tastes and budgets. There is everything from fine dining restaurants to family-friendly venues, and there are examples of cuisines from around the world on the menus. Therefore, you will have no problem finding somewhere that serves delicious food, and that has a fantastic ambiance. To help you find the best venue to meet your needs and suit your tastes, here are the 20 best places to eat in Queens, NY.


20. Perivoli

If you want to enjoy stunning views of the Manhattan skyline while you dine, then one of the top venues to enjoy this type of dining experience is at Perivoli. It is one of the newest restaurants in Queens, and it is a 100-seat rooftop restaurant above the Ravel Hotel. Chef Seth Levine serves a menu of predominantly Greek-inspired dishes. You can expect to find dishes such as lobster pasta, eggplant chips, and griddled lamb chops.


19. R40

Eater New York lists some of the best new restaurants in Queens, and they have included R40 on their list. R40 opened in early 2020 with chef-owner Giovanni Porto at the helm. He creates light versions of Argentinean and Italian classics, and each of the dishes boasts stunning flavors. Some of the examples of dishes on the menu are Milanese with mozzarella and basil oil and a salad of cucumber and heirloom tomatoes served with whipped goat’s cheese. The menu also offers a selection of sandwiches with interesting and tasty fillings.

Taste of Samarkand

18. Taste of Samarkand

One of the more unusual restaurants in Queens is Taste of Samarkand, which serves Uzbek and Russian dishes. The Russian experience begins before you even begin your meal, as the servers are dressed in traditional and colorful Russian tunics. Diners are served palates of matzah-style bread to enjoy alongside the meal. The menu offers brief explanations of each of the dishes to help you make your choice if you are not familiar with this style of cuisine. However, the servers are very helpful and are more than happy to give you more information and to make recommendations.


17. SriPraPhai

There is no shortage of wonderful Thai restaurants in Queens, but SriPraPhai is the top one to try while you are in the area. This Woodside Thai restaurant has both an indoor dining room and a pretty patio where diners enjoy eating during the summer months. Some of the specialties on the menu include Thai green curry, crispy ground catfish, and fried soft-shell crabs. Former diners recommend finishing off your meal with a refreshing green-tea ice cream.

District Saigon

16. District Saigon

Vietnamese food is one of the cuisines that is becoming increasingly trendy and popular. If you want to give some outstanding Vietnamese food a try, then the top Vietnamese restaurant to try is District Saigon. It was opened in 2016 by a father and son team that partnered with a family friend who has vast experience in creating pho. Their menu consists of a combination of traditional Vietnamese dishes alongside modern dishes with a twist. Pho is the specialty of the restaurant, but there are plenty of other dishes to choose between. Although they create traditional Vietnamese dishes, they use local market produce.


15. Abuqir

There are several reasons why Abuqir stands out as one of the best places to eat in Queens, NY. First, it is an Egyptian restaurant, and there is not a lot of competition for this type of cuisine. Second, it specializes in seafood dishes, so it has become a strong favorite amongst seafood lovers. Finally, it has a different approach to serving customers than most other restaurants in the area. Diners select their preferred fish or seafood when ordering at the counter. Some of the options include whole fish, shrimp, baby octopus, and scallops. The food is then cooked using simple cooking processes, such as baking in a clay tagine pot, blackening on the grill, or lightly dusting with spices and baking or frying.

Taste Good

14. Taste Good

Taste Good is a well-established Malaysian restaurant in Elmhurst that first opened its doors in the 1990s. It is now a favorite amongst the locals and an excellent place to dine if you are visiting Queens. If you are not familiar with Malaysian cuisine, then this is a good venue to begin your Malaysian culinary education. Laksa is one of the specialties of this restaurant. However, it is also known for satays skewered on sticks, its amazing roti, and the diverse array of noodle dishes. There are meat, vegetarian, and seafood options on the menu, so there is something to suit all tastes and diets.

Dumpling Galaxy

13. Dumpling Galaxy

Dumpling Galaxy is a dumpling lovers’ heaven, as it serves more than 100 varieties of dumplings. Located inside a mall, it is an informal space for casual dining, but this does not take away from the flavorsome food’s quality. The dumplings vary from traditional offerings to those with unusual flavor combinations, and there are also sweet dumplings to enjoy.

TacoWay Beach

12. Tacoway Beach

Tacoway Beach has become a local favorite, and it has received rave reviews, which is why The Culture Trip has included it on its list of the best places to eat in Queens, NY. It is a casual establishment with a beach vibe, and it serves a vast array of tacos with tasty fillings. They also serve frozen drinks and beers. Sadly, this restaurant, which is near the piers at Rockaway Beach, is only open during the summer months.

Taverna Kyclades

11. Taverna Kyclades

One of the best places to enjoy authentic Greek cuisine is at Taverna Kyclades in Astoria. Although there are other great tavernas in the area, this one stands out from the competition. It is particularly well known for its delicious Greek seafood options, including grilled scallops and crispy calamari. However, there is plenty on the menu for meat lovers and vegetarians, too. This venue is one of the places where you should save some room for dessert, and one of the house specialties is galaktoboureko, which is a cinnamon-dusted custard.

Guan Fu

10. Guan Fu Szechuan

There are many fantastic Chinese restaurants in cuisines, and most of these are informal venues. Guan Fu Szechuan differs as it has a formal dining room, which makes the dining experience feel more special. It is best known for its spicy Chinese dishes, although it serves a vast array of Chinese cuisine to suit all palates. The menu also has many sharing options, which is excellent for those who want to sample different dishes.

Casa Enrique

9. Casa Enrique

Lovers of Mexican food should give Casa Enrique a try. It is a Mexican restaurant owned and run by brothers Cosme and Luis Aguila. The restaurant is a tribute to their late mother, and many of their traditional Mexican dishes are based on her recipes. Although they serve traditional Mexican cuisine, they have given their food a modern twist with their contemporary and visually appealing presentation of the dishes. The restaurant has a garden that gives diners the option for alfresco dining, and former diners praise the friendly customer service.

Astoria Seafood

8. Astoria Seafood

Not only is Astoria Seafood one of the best places to eat seafood in Queens, but it also offers a fun and interactive experience for diners. It originally sold fresh fish and seafood, and they expanded to open their own restaurant in 2016. On entering the restaurant, diners choose their fish from the fresh fish stall, and then the chefs in the restaurant cook it to the diners’ personal preference. The options include fried, steamed, or poached in butter.


7. Adda

Adda is consistently rated as one of the top Indian restaurants in Queens, and this is predominantly down to its authenticity. They avoid using gimmicky touches in their food and simply focus on producing delicious Indian cuisine. They offer a range of popular and well-known dishes, alongside some lesser-known options. There are options on the menu to suit all spice level preferences. The restaurant’s inside is interesting, as it is lined with Indian newspaper cuttings, and they stream Indian television into the restaurant.

6. The Green Street LIC

***Permanently Closed as of December 2020

Located in Long Island City, The Green Street LIC is what can only be described as a niche restaurant. It is a Korean restaurant at its heart, but they stand out as they serve only paleo and organic food. However, you do not need to follow a paleo diet to enjoy the healthy dishes on the menu at this restaurant. The menu is divided into vegan, vegetarian, and omnivorous dishes. Another alternative they offer is one of the table BBQ sets. It is a fun place to eat as the diners sit at picnic tables that each have their own grill so diners can cook their own food at the table.

M Wells

5. M. Wells Steakhouse

For many people, the ideal dining out experience is a huge piece of steak cooked to perfection. If this is your idea of culinary heaven, then head to M. Wells Steakhouse in Long Island City. It is an unassuming gourmet restaurant that specializes in steaks, and many of the other dishes on the menu are influenced by French cuisine.


4. Lokanta

***Temporarily Closed as of December 2020

If you are up for a culinary adventure and willing to try dishes created using unusual ingredients, then a great option is Lokanta. It is a Turkish restaurant in Astoria with chef Orhan Yegen at the helm. The highly-experienced chef has run several restaurants, but critics say that this is his best restaurant yet. You will find popular and well-known Turkish dishes on the menu, alongside some more unusual offerings, such as boiled sheep’s head. It is a fantastic place to try things that you will find on no other menu in New York.


3. Usha Foods

Vegetarians often get the raw end of the deal when it comes to eating out, but there are now more restaurants than ever catering to vegetarians and vegans’ dietary needs. One of Queens’s top options is Usha Food, which Time Out lists as the best place to eat out in the area. It is an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Floral Park that serves casual food that is full of flavor, and the portions are generous. The food quality means that even meat-eaters will enjoy the dishes on the menu at this popular joint.


2. Tamashii Blue

Japanese cuisine has taken the United States by storm in recent years, and it is now one of the most popular cuisines. If you are a fan of ramen dishes, noodles, and sake, then one of the top restaurants in Queens, NY, is Tamashii Blue in Long Island City. It has been a huge success since it opened in 2005, and diners love the diversity of the ramen options on the menu. An interesting fact about this restaurant is that it was the first to introduce Japanese ramen to Queens. You will find this restaurant on Vernon Boulevard, and it also offers takeaway and contactless delivery.

The Bonnie

1. The Bonnie, Astoria

Jetsetter Magazine lists The Bonnie at Astoria as one of the best places to eat in Queens, NY. It sits comfortably between being a fine dining venue and a casual restaurant, as it serves a menu of elevated pub food in a trendy setting. The restaurant’s interior features brick walls, picnic tables, leather bar stools, and hanging plants. You can expect to find dishes such as the Bonnie Burger, beer-battered pickles, and crispy fish tacos on the menu. The dishes are freshly prepared using high-quality ingredients and presented in a visually appealing way. The Bonnie is also known for its signature cocktails.

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