IMC2020: Cybersecurity has became a Board level conversation, says Airtel CISO

Bharti Airtel’s senior VP and global chief information security (CISO) Manish Tiwari said that cyber security is at the top of mind for senior management across companies as work from home and digitisation becomes the new mode of working. Airtel has also seen the demand for inbuilt 24/7 monitoring systems and shift towards cloud based and pay as you use security models.

Cybersecurity had in many ways become a board level conversation, but I think the manner in which it has propelled into a CEOs conversation with the Board is unprecedented in the last 12 months. There is a focussed attention on all aspects of risk management,” said Tiwari at the India Mobile Congress on Wednesday.

“In fact, today, as we hear the senior management is asking their teams-are we safe or what more needs to be done, do we need to invest more,” he added.

These comments come at a time when 2020 has seen unprecedented cyber attacks across sectors and according to cyber security experts , there has been a 500% increase in cyber incidents in India, including cybercrimes and security breaches, since lockdown was announced in March.

On Wednesday, Tiwari said that security is now about protecting the user, the device, data and now communication. With companies now allowing employees to work from home for a longer period of time, there needs to be a seamless transition, which is in turn leading to cloud adoption.

“It’s going to accelerate cloud adoption. They want cloud based security solutions which allow them to implement these solutions, very quickly,” he said. Takkar cites that customers who did not have a security operating centre and 24/7 monitoring system want it quickly in place.

He highlighted the shift towards adopting new age technologies – a Pay As You Use model and a shift towards productivity and security using cloud-based models, which is quick to implement.

For the senior leader of Airtel, digitization is permanent and a “one way street”.

He was also positive on the ‘Data Protection Bill’ that is in the works. “The government is listening to the industry. And I think they’re doing the right step they’re calling. Various verticals in the industry and seeking their inputs and their feedback,” said Tiwari.. He added that it looks “positive” and hopes it will be balanced and protect the rights of citizens and give equal opportunity to both large firms and the big startup ecosystem.

IMC2020: Cybersecurity has became a Board level conversation, says Airtel CISO IMC2020: Cybersecurity has became a Board level conversation, says Airtel CISO Reviewed by TechCO on 12/24/2020 Rating: 5

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