Amazon releases 5 machine learning services for industry

(China Daily) Amazon Web Services, the cloud service platform of US-based technology giant Amazon, has released five new machine learning services to help industrial and manufacturing customers embed intelligence in their production processes to improve operational efficiency, quality control, security and workplace safety.

The services combine sophisticated machine learning, sensor analysis and computer vision capabilities to address common technical challenges faced by industrial customers, and represent the most comprehensive suite of cloud-to-edge industrial machine learning services available, according to AWS.

“Industrial and manufacturing customers are constantly under pressure from their shareholders, customers, governments and competitors to reduce costs, improve quality and maintain compliance,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, vice-president of Amazon machine learning for Amazon Web Services.

They would like to use cloud and machine learning to help them automate processes and augment human capabilities across their operations. The five new machine learning services built for industrial use are easy to install, deploy and get up and running quickly, and connect the cloud to the edge to help deliver the smart factories of the future, he added.

Gu Fan, general manager of product management and go-to-market strategy at Amazon Web Services China, said China is at the forefront of machine learning, with abundant data and application scenarios that cover online payments and intelligent manufacturing.

He added the country’s strong support for developing artificial intelligence has brought about enormous opportunities for the company. At present, Amazon Web Services’ machine learning services have been leveraged in the fields of industry, healthcare, online education, media, automobile, retail and gaming.

Gu said they will cooperate with more Chinese partners to launch tailor-made services and solutions for the Chinese market in the future.

Source: By Fan Feifei | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-12-09 19:44 

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