UVC Life Light launches a range of UV products to fight Covid

UVC Life Light, a specialized vertical of Cholan Group, on Wednesday launched a series of products that will help governments and enterprises unlock with more confidence.

The portfolio of devices launched by UVC Life Light, uses UVC Radiation, a proven technology that has been used for years, in its ability to kill viruses and harmful bacteria. UVC radiation is an effective disinfectant for surfaces, air, and water and can curb the risk of acquiring an infection. According to the company, all bacteria and viruses to date, including 99% of SARS-CoV-2 respond to UVC disinfection and turn inactive with an exposure time of 6 seconds. The technology has been around for more than 40 years and is capable of becoming the most useful tool in these trying times.

“UVC Life Light is Asia’s first range of UVC based products aiming to ensure safety and hygiene during and after the pandemic and, most importantly, regain confidence in the new normal. The range has the potential to set a benchmark for home safety and be as important as a mask or a sanitizer in today’s time,” Pandian Kumaravel, Director, UVC Life Light said in a statement.

The portfolio of products includes everything a company or an individual would want with respect to keeping the office or home free of the coronavirus. UVC Disinfectant Chambers, for example, helps firms to disinfect every product (cellphones, keychains, ATM cards, wallets, sandals etc), by placing it in the chamber. All items are sterilized with the irradiation from the lamps killing 99.99% of germs and viruses on any item kept inside the chambers.

UVC Life Light is a registered MSME and the products manufactured after extensive research and analysis are Lab tested, validated and CE certified.

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