Non-basmati rice export likely to double this year

New Delhi: Export of non-basmati rice is expected to double this year as Indian prices are 10% lower than rivals and output has fallen in Thailand and Vietnam, exporters said. Major buyers include China and countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

“This year we will easily be able to export over 10 million tonnes of non-basmati rice compared to 5.04 million tonnes in the previous year,” said BV Krishna Rao, president of the Rice Exporters’ Association. “Our prices are 10% cheaper than other exporting countries at $380 a tonne.”

Government data shows that exports until October more than doubled to 6.12 million tonnes.

“A major reason is increased buying due to food security concerns in West African countries after the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Vinod Kaul, executive director of the All India Rice Exporters’ Association. “India has become a reliable supplier as even during the pandemic we did not stop exports, unlike other countries. This will ensure that exports will continue to increase in the years ahead.”

According to Ashwani Kumar Arora, MD of LT Foods, India is competitive in the global market and good stocks in the domestic market are helping exports.

“For the first time, some mills have been given clearance by China’s phytosanitary department and are exporting broken rice to the country. It’s a good opportunity to export to China and considering that they are not selling this year, gives us an added advantage,” Arora said.

Tenders in Bangladesh to import over 300,000 tonnes of white and broken rice will also push exports, said Nitin Gupta, vice president, rice and grains, Olam India.

“A drop in freight rates and availability of more containers can also take exports to new levels. Currently, there is a lot of chaos due to non-availability of containers at Kakinada port,” Gupta said.

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