Fynd partners with Rupifi to launch B2B credit for SMEs

MUMBAI: Fynd has announced a partnership with Rupifi to enable credit for SMEs while transacting and making purchases on its platform – Uniket. This partnership aims to solve the access to credit problem for SMEs in Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns and other cities.

Rupifi’s proprietary embedded lending technology stack powers the B2B credit line product to help businesses make purchases on credit.

This partnership comes at a time when SMEs across the country, and globally, are facing a tough time due to the ongoing pandemic and its impact on the economy and business as a whole.

Rupifi has integrated its complete solution into the purchase journey of SMEs on Uniket, the B2B fashion aggregation platform powered by Fynd. By embedding Rupifi’s pay later credit line into the purchase journey, Fynd and Rupifi ensure that the SMEs/Retailers have access to credit at the point of purchase and not fall short of capital in buying inventory or growing their business.

“COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of connecting offline with online. Our partnership with Rupifi ensures that the retailers do not just have the opportunity to stay in business, but also the financial resources they need to advance their business”, said Harsh Shah, Fynd co-founder, in a statement.

In a statement, Rupifi co-founder, Anubhav Jain said, “We can enable the smallest purchase of even Rs 500 on credit for the SMEs through the embedded approach. And the best part is that the entire onboarding is paperless, frictionless and completely digital.”

Fynd partners with Rupifi to launch B2B credit for SMEs Fynd partners with Rupifi to launch B2B credit for SMEs Reviewed by TechCO on 11/18/2020 Rating: 5

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