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Cybersecurity management

There is a person in every organization that is the direct owner of breach protection. His or her task is to oversee and govern the process of design, build, maintain, and continuously enhance the security level of the organization.

Title-wise, this person is most often either the CIO, CISO, or Directory of IT. For convenience, we’ll refer to this individual as the CISO.

This person is the subject-matter expert in understanding the standard set of active cyber risks, benchmarking to what degree the organization’s exposure influences potential impact. They then take appropriate steps to ensure the major risks are addressed.

On top of being engaged 24/7 in the organization’s actual breach protection activity, the CISO has another critical task: to articulate the risks, potential impacts and appropriate steps to take to the company’s management – or in other words, they must effectively translate security issues for non-security-savvy executives in a clear and business-risk oriented manner.

The rationale for this task is simple – the more resources you invest, the more secure you are. The CISO holds the knowledge of what’s needed, but the key to unleashing resources is in turning this knowledge into action – which lies in the management’s hands. And management tends to think in terms of operational loss and calculated risk, more than in terms of malware, exploits, and network traffic.

To address this need, Cynet introduces the ultimate ‘Security for Management’ PPT template: a first-of-its-kind tool to capture and sustain management mindshare and drive their proactive understanding and commitment.

This is achieved through a concise presentation of the security issues that matter, presented in a way that is easily understood by a non-technical audience.

Cyber security

The ultimate ‘Security for Management’ PPT template follows the commonly accepted NIST Cyber Security Framework as an overall outline and includes open sections that are to be completed with respect to each organization’s unique security state.

Overall, the template assists in the following:

Transforming cybersecurity from vague risk to concrete action items – map and quantize the potential outcomes of cyber events to the actual people and roles in the organization, to secure the organization against a clearly tangible loss.

Creating a common language to make security needs more digestible. The management’s security grasp is paramount in moving the needle in the right direction. The NIST framework pillars – identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover – are intuitive to understand, regardless of prior security knowledge, and are ideal for this type of communication.

Changing cybersecurity internal branding from a budgetary issue to an ongoing strategic journey – this is extremely important. Understanding that being secure is a continuous process is critical to any long-term planning.

Introducing actionable metrics to measure current state and future progress – eventually, everything boils down to numbers. Either we have succeeded in reaching our defined objectives, or we have failed. In each case, transparency in presenting the results of deployed security products and the work of the security team creates and enhances trust.

The definitive ‘Security for Management’ presentation template is tailor-made for anyone who invests effort in achieving organizational security and strives to communicate its actual value.

Download the ultimate ‘Security for Management’ presentation template here.

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