Business Continuity Planning for enterprises in Northeast India

GUWAHATI: With a study revealing that 79 small business units are turning financially unviable every day and only 13% of Indian family businesses survive to the 3rd generation, financial planners are coming up with business Continuity Planning to sustain the enterprise in Northeast India.

Finedge Services LLP, a Financial Planning organization from the North East stated the region has seen a spurt in entrepreneurial activities in the past two decades. “The sharp rise of local startups with the growing MSMEs in the region is a reflection of our entrepreneurs ‘far-sighted aspirations& and their expectations of the businesses perpetuity.”

The organization has started offering BCP. The aim is to bring forth financial, legal and human ease while the business has to continue through potentially tortuous environmental changes and ownership transfer. So, no matter what, the business continues.

“Our purpose is to provide financial peace in the society through best in class advisory services and financial solutions. We shall pioneer in our BCP offerings to business-owners is our multi-pronged but integrated profiling-based consultation from our expert panel which comprises of 10 people from insurance, investments, valuation, legal and business coaching. And, we’ll make sure to serve our clients most cost-effectively without having them bled for their profits and tax outgo”, said Kaushik Moral, Board Member at Finedge.

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