How to find the Best Boston Whaler Replacement Seats

Boston Whaler

When you notice wear and tear on the seats or cushions of your Boston Whaler boat, it’s time to make a replacement. It’s best to use genuine replacement seats that were made specifically for the model that you own whenever possible. This helps to preserve the value of your craft versus going with aftermarket versions that may not be an ideal fit, and the quality of other brands may also suffer. If you need to replace the seats in a Boston Whaler, but you’re not sure where to go to find them, we have list of providers who offer competitive rates with genuine Boston Whaler seats that are guaranteed to replace the old ones for authentic restoration. For some older models it’s nearly impossible to find authentic seats, so you may need to go with seats that are guaranteed to fit your model of Boston Whaler boat. We’ve also included dealers that offer suitable aftermarket replacements that will work.

5. iBoats

iBoats is an online vendor specializing in replacement boat seats. They’re knowledgeable about the history and habits of the Boston Whaler brand and offer information about the duration of time that the company offers replacement seats. You can usually only find them at Boston Whaler for 3 years after the release of the model. They’re a dealer that offers replacement seats that are compatible with Boston Whaler models that are hard to find suitable replacement seats for with high quality boat seats in a range of styles and colors with competitive pricing.

4. Boatseabass.com

Boatseabass.com is an excellent resource for finding Boston Whaler seat replacements. The company acquires their inventory of replacement seas from searches of major web merchants to secure Boston Whaler seat replacement components, many of them sourced through the eBay auction site. The site seeks to find the best deals on these parts, some of which are hard to find. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in a browse of the site, you can use their website search by supplying details about what you’re looking for, and the tool will help you to find he part from its database of thousands of items.

3. Boat Outfitters

Boat Outfitters provides an online shopping site for Boston Whaler replacement parts and more. The company has a webpage that is dedicated specifically to Boston Whaler components. We like this dealer because they have a comprehensive knowledge of the details about the styles and materials used in Boston Whaler boats throughout the years. This helps you to find authentic replacement seats that are made in the same style and materials as the original seats. Since the older boats have seats that are no longer manufactured, Boat outfitters sells the replacement materials so you can build your own replacement seats from the components offered. They maintain a stock of materials that are in line with those used for various eras of production for Boston Whaler boats, and they have the expertise to point out which materials were used for your specific model year. Boat Outfitters welcomes your inquiries and you can either contact them via online messaging, or call the directly at the phone number provided on the site.

2. Nauset Marine

Nauset Marine is a company that has been in business since 1961. They’re one of the largest dealers who independently carry Boston Whaler parts on the planet. They specialize in acquiring any parts that are needed for this brand and they will provide assistance to help you find the replacement parts that are the best option for your model and year. Nauset Marine specialists have a strong knowledge base of authentic Boston Whaler replacement parts and they are available via telephone or email if you don’t see the exact replacement components as listed on their extensive website. One of the things we appreciate about Nauset Marine, is that they also offer custom fabrication and restoration work, so if you can’t find the exact replacement seats for your older Boston Whaler model, they can build it right there at their shop. They also offer a variety of other components for Boston Whaler boats, and if you’re interested in upgrading certain areas of the boat, their staff can help you in your customization projects. They’re practically a one stop shop.

1. Specialty Marine

Specialty Marine is the top rated online resource for finding Boston Whaler replacement parts. The website features photos of the various Boston Whaler replacement seats that they have available for sale with prices included and the specifications. The site is easy to navigate to find precisely what you’re looking for. Specialty Marine is our choice for the number one Boston Whaler replacement seat provider.The site is easy to navigate and if you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to email or to call them to discuss your particular needs. They maintain a staff that is aware of the history of Boston Whaler for guiding you in the selection of the most appropriate replacement parts for your particular model and year.


Whether you’re in the process of restoring an older Boston Whaler boat or a later model, it’s not difficult to find compatible replacement seats. We recommend our top five replacement part providers because of the knowledge that each of them possesses about authentic Boston Whaler seats, as well as their commitment to providing quality products at competitive prices. Each has been in business for a long time and during that time, have established a solid reputation within the marine and boating community. In many cases, if you can’t find the authentic replacement seats you’re looking for, you can buy the materials to recreate the original seats, or have them custom-built for you, by some of the providers.

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