How to Choose the Right Boston Whaler Dauntless Model

Boston Whaler Dauntless

Boston Whaler is a brand termed unsinkable that has been steadily evolving since its inception. The design and engineer teams consistently strive to create models that rise to meet the demand of its clientele and future subscribers. One of the most versatile families within the brand is the Boston Whaler Dauntless line. This model was first released in 1994 and became an instant success because of its popularity with boaters who enjoyed the versatility and new options that this line offered for day boating. It’s a family of smaller sized boats that offers an excellent range of model sizes.

Which Dauntless model is the best choice?

This depends on the kind of activities you want to use it for. It also depends on the number of people you plan to take along. There are five different models to choose from.

The Dauntless 270

The 1994 Dauntless models have improved throughout the decades with the first major upgrades taking place in 2015. If you’re looking for an excellent luxury craft, that is affordable, the 270 from 1994 through the early 2000s models can save you a lot of money. They’re more budget friendly if the craft has been well-maintained and it’s not in need of any significant repairs. Be sure to check the hull though, because the replacement cost can make it more sensible to pay extra for a newer model with better updates and significantly better amenities.

2015 270 Dauntless

The 270 Dauntless received a convertible dive door that transformed into a patio. It was placed on the side of the boat instead of the stern for a useful plank for entering or leaving the boat. It greatly improved access options. This isn’t the only change that was made along with way. More options for fishing packages as well as luxury upgrade packages were offered. There is a good chance that a model from 2015 upwards will have some time left on the warranty if the owners didn’t’ do anything to nullify the contract. Repairs by unauthorized services and the use of aftermarket parts are things that could interfere with the duration of the guarantee.

The price for a used Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless

If you’re sticking to a certain budget, you can find one of the older Dauntless boats for under $100,000. From 2016 forward the average selling price is around $97,000 with to $125,000. Newer Dauntless 270 models are priced around $235,000 for 2017 through 2020 in excellent condition for the used market. The 270 is the most frequently offered model offered for sale in used condition.

Other Dauntless models

170 Dauntless

The 170 is a small boat that measures 17 feet in length. It’s designed for a maximum capacity of 6 adults and is versatile for comfortable sports fishing for small groups, or for cruising and relaxation. It’s setup for comfort and for good performance with a 90 horsepower engine. You can order a new 170 with a variety of amenities including a ski pylon, a Fusion brand stereo system, or a suntop for shade. It comes standard with a telescoping style swim ladder and platform for water sports. There is comfortable seating for 6 persons with grab rails and a spacious walk area. When it comes to handling, this is one of the most nimble craft in the lineup and it’s easy to operate.

180 Dauntless

This is the next size up from the smaller 170. The 180 has a length of 18 feet and 1 inch and it’s large enough to accommodate up to 8 adults. This boat is an excellent choice for smaller sports fishing parties. The standard version comes with 6 rod holders, a reversible pilot seat, a 54-quart carry on cooler for beverages and other perishables, and a lockable console storage compartments. It’s set up for swimming with a telescoping ladder and an integral swim platform. There is ample comfortable seating for 8, and upgrades available for a front console live well, pedestal fishing seats, a trolling motor panel, or a tow bit with other water sports features.The minimum horsepower requirements are 135 horsepower maxing out at 150 horsepower.

210 Dauntless

The 210 model is a larger and more powerful boat with a length of 20 feet and 6 inches. When you count the platforms it extends to 21 ft 3 inches. This is also an 8 person craft with a maximum horsepower bump to 200. It features an ergonomic helm with SmartCraft gauges. It’s equipped with a large live well and plenty of options. You can add on a premium Fusion stereo system for entertainment, a trolling motor panel for increased sport fishing capabilities, and an optional sun lounger for the bow. The 210 can be used for water sports, and is the most popular choice for sports fishing adventures for smaller parties.

240 Dauntless

The 240 is a versatile craft that is designed to be a multi-tasking craft for a variety of uses. It contains the same unsinkable and sturdy DNA of the brand with even more space onboard and options. This boat measures 23 feet and 11 inches in length from the engine to the bow. It has a capacity for up to 9 Adults. The layout of this boat features a roomy walking area for easy navigation with every inch of space used wisely. The standard model without upgrades comes with ample amenities including under seat storage areas in the bow for stowing fishing equipment, flip up backrests at the ow, extra rod holders if you go with the optional T-Top for rod storage, and you can also opt for the All-Activity Tower complete with storage racks, a poling platform and more amenities. You can also add a Fusion brand stereo system for entertainment, a reversible pilot seat, a live well, and more. The maximum horsepower is 350.This model is great for sport fishing or cruising for parties of 9 or less.

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