10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike Lu

Mike Lu

Mike Lu is the CEO of Triller, a Los Angeles, California based social media company. He is a businessman and entrepreneur who has spent more than 16 years in the business. He has achieved a remarkable degree of success and recognition for his leadership in the tech industry. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about Mike Lu, that you might just find fascinating.

1. Triller is thriving under Lu’s leadership

Mike Lu is always on the lookout for ways to improve the financial status of the company that he runs. We recently learned that Triller’s app has over 65 million users who are active using the technology monthly. This has brought in considerable revenues and has in part, led to the rampant success of Triller.

2. He’s leading a movement to capitalize on the uncertainty of Tik Tok

Lu has been keeping his eyes open and his ear to the ground in light of the current push for Tik Tok to be sold to an American based company. The Trump administration’s admonition to the owners to sell or face a ban from the United States has created uncertainty about he future of the social media outlet. Lu is looking for a way to capitalize on the situation to take Triller to new levels.

3. He’s set to talk at TechCrunch Disrupt

Mike has already made plans to appear at TechCrunch Disrupt in September of 2020. The CEO of Triller has agreed to show up and discuss the ways that Triller plans to transform the music industry through social media. It’s going to be an exciting conversation, although he has not yet disclosed any of these plans publicly, other than to leave a few hints.

4. Mike Lu is a tech wizard

When it comes to technology, Mike Lu is no slouch. He not only serves as a the leader of a tech company, he also has years of experience working with tech and associated products. He’s an executive who also understands the lingo and knows how things work in several branches of the tech industry. He has worked in mobile and social games, as well as in the online media arena.

5. He founded his own company

The well-known Fusion8 company was the brainchild of Mike Lu and a partner. He co-founded the company, which was later sold to a social media company. In the spring of 2016, RockYou purchased Fusion8. This elevated him to the status of entrepreneur.

6. His resume is impressive

Prior to becoming the CEO of Triller, Mike Lu has worked for a few different notable tech companies. When he worked for GREE, he served as the Vice President of the company. He also worked for Funzio as the executive producer until the company was sold to GREE in 2012. Prior to this, he worked for an online video advertising tech company called YuMe as the fifth employee for the business. Through these diverse jobs, he gained a wealth of knowledge in various areas of the social media, tech, and entertainment industries. He has gained portable skills that help him to have a keen understanding of the business that he now leads.

7. Mike is a hard worker

Mike Lu receives glowing endorsements from the professionals who have worked with him in the tech industry. He has received accolades and praise for his creativity and passion when it comes to the job. He is a high energy individual who works hard. He is business savvy, and he knows how to bring new products into the companies he has served. He has a strong track record for executing his responsibilities without complaining. His former employer appreciates his contributions and views him as an asset to any company.

8. Mike Lu has vision

Lu is credited with having “amazing vision” and he employs creativity in finding solutions to any problems that may arise. Mike has a strong work ethic, but he is also an understanding person who seeks to know what the various groups and people in his employ need to do their jobs well. He’s a supportive leader who goes over and above to ensure that the professionals who work with him have access to the things that are needed to perform their duties. There are many who like working with him both currently and from past work experiences. Mike Lu has a solid work history and he has left a positive impression on those hat he worked with as well as those who he has worked for.

9. You can follow him on Instagram

Lu is also savvy when it comes to social media. He also has his own Instagram account. This is an ideal resource for those who work in the tech industry or just anyone who wants to follow his career. The page is fully updated, as is the LinkedIn page so you can keep up with what’s going on in his personal and professional life. He’s made 66 posts on the site and you can see some really cool photos that let you know what he’s been up to lately, including pics from Triller France, the 90 Day Challenge and more.

10. Mike Lu is going after his rivals

Although this is figuratively, Lu leads Triller, up against its larges competitor, Tik Tok. Under his leadership the company has raised $28 billion in Series B funding. This places the valuation of the company at $130 million. Since Triller also allows users to upload music and dance videos, it’s one of Tik Toks biggest contenders from the United States. That’s not bad for a start up company. Mike Lu is a young entrepreneur that you should keep your eye on. He’s destined to achieve great things and he is off to a good start already.

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