A Closer Look at The 2020 Harris Crowne 270 SL TE

2020 Harris Crowne

Most of the time you’ll find that the ’10 Things’ list of the moment features automobiles, motorcycles, and big names in investing or show business. But it is a rare occasion indeed when we actually veer off the beaten path and spice things up a little by pumping you full of facts on other things. This list, however, shows that we are capable of just that. We’ve jumped off the typical bandwagon and hopped on a boat…the 2020 Harris Crowne 270 SL TE, to be exact. It seems that perhaps your ship has come in!

Based in North America, Harris Boats designs and manufactures luxury pontoon boats that make the term ‘fit to be tied’ the understatement of the year. The company was founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1957, and is under the command of Brunswick Boat Group, its parent company. But the award-winning pontoon manufacturer actually began life as Harris Manufacturing in the 1940s under the guidance of Ernie and Pete Harris, brothers who’s company first tasted success in 1957 with their release of the Harris FloteBote Marine.

Time has passed and things have changed, as we all know. In the case of Harris Boats, things seem to have gotten better. This is obvious with their Crowne pontoon line, which happens to include new 2020 Harris Crowne 270 SL TE – a prime example of the incredible pontoon boats Harris is known for producing. Today’s ’10 Things’ list will focus on the 2020 Harris Crowne 270 SL TE. We have compiled ten tidbits of knowledge regarding this pontoon model that we are fairly certain you didn’t possess before now. So, if you’re a person who loves life on the water, and particularly loves a great party on an incredible pontoon, you’ve really hit the jackpot today. Read on to discover…

1. Suitable For A Range of Occasions

Harris has already received recognition for their Crowne design back in 2013, and according to Boating Mag, the 2020 model possesses the same basic design, and it is just as practical today as it was seven years ago. Their slick use of fiberglass on the pontoon boat’s fence enclosures and at the four corners of the deck do bring things up another notch. This particular style brings the boat a versatility like never before, and it is just as much at home on the sandbar as it is amongst yachts. It’s sleek and sexy, and serves its purpose beautifully without putting on unnecessary airs.

2. Built For Comfort

If you end up taking on new passengers as you make your rounds on the water you can rest assured you’ll have plenty of room. Beautifully upholstered cushion seating goes around the boat’s perimeter, and the cockpit is nothing short of uber-ample. There is also more than sufficient room for walking and moving around on the deck, and when you add in the fact that the entertainment/music system is top-of-the-line and controlled by two different touchscreens, well, you have a winner on the water.

3. What’s the ‘TE’ All About?

Now it’s time to talk about what makes the Crowne 270 SL tick. The ‘TE’ addition means ‘twin engine’, so we’re talking double barrels here. This ten-to-thirteen person pontoon holds sixty-three gallons of gas (with a fuel load of 58 gallons), which is fed into the twin 400 horsepower engines. Considering its size and capacity, you’re getting a good amount of power along with all the luxury it provides. It really is the whole package when it comes to pontoon boats.

4. Let’s Break Down Those Measurements…

When it comes to something like a pontoon boat, it’s vital that you know its size, and this is important if you want a firm grasp on capacity; if you weren’t taking future passengers into consideration you’d be buying a kayak or an innertube. The 2020 Harris Crowne SL TE measures as follows:

  • Pontoon length measures 28 feet; the craft has an overall length of 29 feet

  • With 27 inch tubes (refers to pontoon diameter) it has a bridge clearance of 114 inches

  • Width, or ‘Beam’, measures in at 8 feet, 6 inches

  • With 27 inch tubes the ‘draft up’ is at 15 inches

  • Weight with three 27 inch tubes is 5,111 lbs

  • The twin engine has a platform capacity of 10 to 13 people, or 3,236 lbs

Those stats give a pretty clear idea of what this baby is capable of supporting, and it sure seems all good.

5. More Specs and Details

Now that you have an idea about the power this pontoon boat offers, and the plush accommodations on deck and in the cockpit, we thought we’d break things down into clearer detail. Those twin engines are Mercury 400 Verado engines; the prop is the outboard Mercury Revolution 4, which measure 14 5/8” by 21”, with four blades made of durable stainless steel. The gear ratio is 1.75:1. For those of you familiar with boating, all of this forms a much clearer picture in you mind when it comes to what this pontoon boat is made from.

6. Tell Us More About Speed

While we are firmly aware that a pontoon boat is NOT a speed boat, nor should it be treated as such, we are all still interested in what it has to offer power-wise. Well, tests have shown that the 400 horses provided by the twin engines enable the craft to reach 30 mph in under 7 seconds, and even on its 27” diameter pontoons it is able to reach a top speed of 61.2 mph. Good information to know, but we aren’t too sure we’d want to abuse this baby that way. We suppose somebody had to do it.

7. The Extras

So, we filled you in on the fact that the 2020 Harris Crowne 270 SL TE has a dual touchscreen infotainment center, strategically designed and incredibly comfortable cockpit, and a state-of-the-art music and speaker system. But here are a few more details you may be interested in that make this party into something memorable every single time:

  • Electronically adjustable backrest feature in the rear lounge seating; you can opt to face forward or move to a rear-lounging position with no more effort than pressing a button

  • Six-speaker Polk stereo with Bluetooth, and there are remotes for the stereo in the rear lounge section

  • Massive swim deck

  • Optional collapsible teak table

  • Optional stereo upgrades

  • Optional flooring choices with include Woven Teak Supreme Vinyl flooring, Woven Shadow Diamond flooring, and others

  • Under-deck and underwater LED lighting

  • Cross-stitched steering wheel and a high-back reclining helm seat in the cockpit

  • 12-foot high Bemini top

  • Stainless steel grill

…And there is so much more. Be sure to check out all the luxurious options available to you with the purchase of a 2020 Harris Crowne 270 SL TE pontoon boat.

8. Magnificent Maneuverability

One of the coolest features of the 2020 Crowne 270 SL TE is the Mercury Joystick Piloting System. While pontoon boats can be awkward to maneuver without much practice due to their build and design, the piloting system on the new Crowne 270 makes docking and moving around in tight spaces nearly effortless, and this makes everything more enjoyable. Even in the most challenging crosswinds this model pontoon is a pleasure to pilot.

9. Color Options

It’s always nice to plan, so in an effort to make your planning session a bit easier we are including the color options available on the 2020 Harris Crowne 270 SL TE. You will thoroughly enjoy choosing from the following exterior colors:

Main Exterior Colors

  • Fusion Red

  • Champagne

  • Midnight Blue

  • Ebony Metallic

  • Exterior Accent Color Options (available for both bow and aft accenting)

  • Fusion Red Accent

  • Ebony Metallic Accent

  • Midnight Blue Accent

  • Champagne Accent

  • Interior Upholstery Options (in Marine-grade vinyl upholstery)

  • Ivory Cashmere

  • Desert Camel

  • French Gray

There is also an appealing variety of vinyl flooring choices to go with your colors. With so many choices to personalize your color scheme, putting your 2020 Harris Crowne 270 SL TE order together will be almost as much fun as taking the craft on the water.

10. Let’s Talk Price…

We all knew it had to come down to this, so let’s get the digits out in the open. While there are several versions of the Harris Crowne this production year, and they come at differing prices. However, the basic version happens to feature a starting MSRP of $84,308. Keep in mind, that’s for starters only. The extras are gonna cost you, from the paint job to all the other bells and whistles. For the entire fully-loaded package you will find yourself shelling out around $210,000. Truthfully, we think you find it worth the cost, whatever that ends up being.

Just checking out the 2020 Harris Crowne 270 SL TE makes you want the whole shebang and all she comes with. If you’re fortunate enough to be reading this because you’re getting ready to buy, have fun for us, will you? If you’re daydreaming like most of us are, well, we’ll enjoy the trip in our dreams. Either way, play it safe or it won’t be fun at all, and remember to enjoy everything this great pontoon boat has to offer.

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