Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Bug Impacts Internet Connectivity

After the Windows 10 2004 Update came in, users across the globe have been having various issues with the OS.

Comments say the issue or error was identified for systems that have been upgraded to version 2004 of Windows 10. And while the icon says it’s not linked, people have been able to access the internet through web browsers.

Because of these warnings, some activated apps like Spotify, Cortana and Microsoft Store don’t work properly. However the error doesn’t affect browsers.

Windows 10 users complained that after rebooting their laptops and resetting the router and reinstalling the wireless adapter network-Windows 10 fails to show that it has “No Internet Access.” And, for other applications, this seems to be the case.

  • Check Open for Windows using ‘Registry Editor’

  • Go navigate to, “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesNlaSvcParametersInternet”

  • Finally, by changing the value from ‘0’ to ‘1’ change “EnableActiveProbing.”

If you have completed the update restart your device. All the device programs now operate properly.

The update further suggests that Microsoft is aware of the problem and is working to address it. And hopefully in the next Windows 10 update, people should expect a fix to the problem.

Windows 10 has had its share of issues but the platform continues to be used by billions of users worldwide.

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