How To Signup and Use JioMeet?

How to create an account on JioMeet?

A JioMeet account can be built via the mobile or desktop app. Follow the steps below.

  • If you already have the app downloaded, go ahead and activate the app.

  • Tap Sign Up > on the home screen, type your name and email / mobile number > agree to the terms and conditions of the business and tap Done.

  • You will be asked to enter an OTP on the next screen if you register with your mobile number, or if you want to register by email, you will have to check your email account by visiting your mailbox.

  • You can also sign up for JioMeet via the web, too. Just visit the website, jiomeetpro.jio.com / Google Chrome or Firefox at home.

  • Click Sign Up once the site has been configured, and repeat the earlier steps.

How to host or join a meeting?

Follow these steps to host a new meeting through your smartphone on JioMeet.

  • Tap New Meeting and open the device > log in.

  • Choose whether you want to keep your video on or off on the next screen. Below that, you will see a toggle that says, Use Personal Meeting ID. Turn it on to create the ID and password for your personal meeting.

  • Tap Start Meeting until completed. To invite participants, tap Participants > tap Invite > either you can copy and share the connection manually, or simply tap the supported app and then pick a user to share the connection with.

To start a new meeting on a computer, follow these steps.

JioMeet Is Jio’s Video Conference App for Zooming, Google Meeting

  • To get going, open the app > log in > click the down arrow next to New Meeting and check all options > click New Meeting.

  • To invite participants, select Participants > Invite > select on the email services listed above to go ahead or you can copy the URL or invitation and send it to others via other services available such as WhatsApp Web or Facebook Messenger.

You may also host a meeting via these measures via the website of JioMeet.

  • Visit the jiomeetpro.jio.com/home web site > log in > click Host a Meeting.

  • Repeat the steps suggested for JioMeet desktop app to invite participants.

Similarly, joining a meeting on JioMeet — follow these measures if you are using the service on a smartphone.

  • Open the app > tap Enter a Session. You don’t have to get logged in to attend a JioMeet meeting.

  • Now go ahead and enter the Meeting ID > enter your name > check your options for joining > tap Join Meeting > enter the password for the meeting and you’re good to go.

  • Repeat the same steps on your machine to enter a meeting at JioMeet app.

Besides this, check out these steps if you want to enter a meeting through the site.

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  • Visit jiomeetpro.jio.com/home on Google Chrome or Firefox > click Start a Meeting > enter the Conference ID and click Log in.

  • Right the Right here button on the next page. Now press your browser Start. Now, enter your name and reach password and press Join.

How to share screen on JioMeet?

During a meeting, JioMeet helps you to share your screen when using the software on your phone, device, or web. Follow the steps below.

Follow these measures to share your screen when using JioMeet on iOS.

  • Tap Share from the conference screen > tap Start Screen > tap Start Broadcast.

  • Tap Stop Sharing > tap Sharing Stop Screen > tap Stop Broadcast to stop.

Follow these measures to share your screen when using JioMeet on Android.

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  • Tap Share from the appearing pop-up meeting screen >, tap Start Now to get started.

  • Tap Stop Share > Stop Share to interrupt the screen sharing.

In addition, you can also share Screen from the home screen of the app. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Open the app > log in > tap Sharing Screen > enter the password and the Meeting ID.

  • You will now join the meeting and if you want to start sharing your phone, go ahead and tap Start Broadcast or Start Share, you will also get a pop-up that asks.

  • Tap Stop Share > Stop Share to interrupt the screen sharing.

Follow these measures to share your screen when using JioMeet on a computer.

  • Tap Share screen from screen of meeting.

  • You can either select Mobile on the next screen to display something on your computer screen, or choose from the individual apps / screens specified. Tap Share Screen to continue, once you have made your choice.

  • Tap the red Stop sharing button located at the top of the meeting window to stop screen sharing.

The screen sharing feature unfortunately doesn’t work on JioMeet’s web version.

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