Fundraising platform Crowdera launches venture for artists

NEW DELHI: Online fundraising platform Crowdera today said it had launched a new venture called Yellow Scooter Studio, which is meant to help artists raise funds, said the company in a press release today.

The new venture will help filmmakers raise funds for films while “retaining creative control”, said the company.

Crowdfunding among the creative community is popular in developed markets and is used to fund offbeat video games, films and web comics. Yellow Scooter Studio also aims to reach out to filmmakers who wish to make social awareness movies related to Covid-19. Films like these will be supported with 25% to 50% contribution in their production costs.

Chet Jainn, founder and chief executive of Crowdera, said, “Yellow Scooter Studio has begun as a simple platform for raising funds for films and creative content, but we intend to provide a 360-degree support for all aspects of film-making that an independent, non-studio filmmaker requires.” Jainn said the support would be similar to the support a filmmaker got from a production studio, from funding to distribution.

The platform will focus on supporting Indian filmmakers Indian making content in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and other regional languages. The platform will start supporting crowdfunding for independent films in Singapore as well by the end of this year. It also plans to support documentaries, music videos and short films.

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