A Closer Look at The Jordan Mars 270 Low

Jordan Mars 270 Low

Nike has released a new kid that is designed specifically for big kids in sizes for this group. It takes the theme of outer space and Elon Musk’s daring long term goal of reaching the planet Mars in the future, to new heights. If you haven’t yet heard about it, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Jordan Mars 270 Low.

1. The Jordan Mars 270 Low inspires creativity

There is a dual purpose behind the creation of the Jordan Mars 270 low. It’s high quality and functional sneaker, but it adds something extra to the mix. It stimulates the minds of young people to think of the universe beyond the world that we presently know. The theme is Mars and it features a variety of supporting colors including black, University Red, Wolf Grey, and Metallic Silver.

2. This sneaker is ideal for growing feet

Big kids are in that awkward size range that puts them out of kids’ sizes and closer to that of an adult, but not quite. Their feet are still growing and this creates the need for a high-quality shoe that provides support without being too tight yet flexible for comfort. The Jordan Mars 270 Low is made to be supportive yet comfortable.

3. The Jordan Mars 270 is a combination of styles

To arrive at the ideal features for this sneaker, the design team borrowed elements from a variety of different models. You can discern elements from 4 of the iconic Air Jordan models brought together in one cool sneaker. The low tops allow for easy and natural foot movement without discomfort.

4. They bear the mark of the Jumpman

These are low top basketball shoes that bear the Jumpman insignia to reinforce this fact to the world. He appears on the tongue of the shoe. The Jumpman is carefully stitched at the top of each tongue in a prominent display. You see him again on the pull tab that is located at the heel of the shoe. When you turn the shoes over to look at the rubber sole, you find yet another symbol of the Jumpman there. Don’t underestimate the power of an iconic symbol to impart confidence. The Jumpman announces to the world that the sneakers bearing this signature badging are part of a line of precision basketball shoes made to enhance player ability on the court.

5. It’s also available in an orange colorway

The Jordan Mars 270 Low is beautiful in its red black and silver iteration. A brighter version is offered in black, white, and orange. The design of this colorway gives the shoe the appearance of a backboard that has been shattered. It has unique branding on the midfoot tabs, the tongue and the heel tabs that stand out nicely with contrasting color combinations. This is a retro-style that reminds one of the NBA All-Star uniforms from 1996, but Nike has not yet confirmed whether or not this was the intention for this colorway. The side profile’s color blocking is fairly spectacular if you’re into bold aesthetics.

6. The ventilation is excellent

When it comes to basketball shoes, ventilation is a big concern. Hard play can result in hot and sweaty feet. Nike addressed this issue by ensuring that this sneaker that is made for summertime play is highly ventilated. To begin with, the low top allows air to come in and circulate around the heel and ankle area with the natural movements of the feet. Attractive black mesh is applied to the sides of the shoes and there are plenty of vent holes dimpling the part of the leather upper that rests on the top arch of the foot for ample airflow.

7. The lacing system is unique

We took a second look at the design of the lacing system for the Jordan Mars 270 low. The tongue is made of a highly breathable nylon material that is also lightweight. it is covered with a fine black mesh that adds an interesting aesthetic and sophistication. This is perhaps one of the more interesting approaches we’ve seen to the lacing system.

8. It fits just right

The Jordan Mars 270 Low is designed for a customizable fit. Of course, you must first choose the right size to fit the length and shape of your foot. Going back to the lacing system, you can adjust them for a more snug fit for maximum foot control when you’re playing a high-stakes game, or you can relax them by loosening the laces to give your feet more room to spread out when you’re wanting to just kick back and relax in them. We also noticed that the nylon tongue joins into the mudguard that is made of leather for an extra touch of luxury.

9. The traction is ideal

If you’re concerned about the kind of grip that this basketball shoe is going to offer on the court, just flip it over. One look reveals a sole that is made of clear rubber material that has a nice grip on its own. Nike added a unique tread pattern that not only makes the shoe have the superior gripping ability for making quick stops, it’s also made to allow for free rotational movements when called for. Another cool feature of the sole is that you can see through it into the other components of the sneaker. The Jumpman is also located to the rear of the sole.

10. The Jordan Mars 270 is a Jackson Lewis Lee design

The Jordan Mars 270 Low is the low cut version of a design that was the dreamchild of Jackson Lewis Lee. He is the son of famous film producer Spike Lee. The shoe made its debut entrance into the Jordan line in 2019 so the style has been around for a year. The current version shows the natural evolution that the sneaker has taken in just a year’s time.

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