A Closer Look at the 2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

There aren’t many motor manufacturers, let alone bike manufactures, you will find with the kind of legacy that Indian has to its name. Considered one of the oldest motorcycle manufactures in the world, Indian has been around from want seems, at least from a vehicular perspective, the dawn of time. A company that was founded when the 20th century was still nascent, only goes to show how many years of experience it has under its belt. Throughout its history, the company has been through period vacillating between affluence and penurious times. Consequently, the image the brand has today is a result of baptism through both water and fire, and from that metamorphosis came arguably the greatest bike designs and manufacturers we have seen to date.

Notwithstanding, the world of bike manufacturing is one made of constantly shifting sands and dynamic tectonic plates. It is, therefore, important that even the brands at the zenith to adapt to this capricious climate and ditch out the very best of they have to offer, lest they lose their seat to the competition. Indian understands this perfectly, that is why it has been producing the constant bangers to solidify its position on the market. One of the models it has recently released is the 2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse. This bike is pleasing to both the dilettante and the aesthete. This is a result of its simplistic design and functionality. Here are ten things you might not have known about the 2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse.1. Common roots

1. Common roots

Based on the auspicious models the brand has released over the years, it is no wonder that it has used similar designs for this model of past in this newly released road monster. After all, if you have found the recipe for success, why mess it up? From the get do, it is clear that some of the features on the Dark Horse are akin to the ones you will find on the Indian Chieftain, but with modernity and technological development added onto it. The chieftain’s 19-inch front wheel, fork-mounted fairing, and slammed saddlebags are also some of the recurring features. However, according to motorcycle.com, some things were ditched out altogether, like the skirted front fender and the brake-shrouding. Aspects like the heated sits, turn signals, and the in-built driving lights were also discarded.

2. The design

2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse 1

The designers at Indian have pulled off one of the most stunning designs you will find anywhere. It is true that long gone are the days when the design of a motorcycle was just for streamlining and proper movement. I mean, they still are some of the most significant factors for the shape of the bike, but for Indian, chic, aesthetic designs are always a selling point. The contouring implemented is just heaven. You can feel the smoothness of the design by only looking at the bike. The color patterns also work in tandem with the contouring to produce an entity that would warrant the label ‘classic’ by anyone’s standards, be it an aficionado or amateur.

3. The power box

The bike derives its power from a Thunderstroke V-twin engine. This beast of a machine, 116 cubic-inches, produces a massive 126ft-lb of torque. The fact that it produces such a visceral element in such high amounts puts the bike at the apogee of the bike market.

4. Change the modes

2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse 2

The Indian Dark Horse is one superior bike, but while shifting from one mode to another, you will be able to enjoy different qualities on opposite sides of the spectrum. The bike’s raison d’être is to be a touring model. For this, you can deploy the Tour or the Standard mode. This gives you a cruising control of the entire machine. Tour mode gives you the softest throttle response of the three, while Standard mode offers average throttle response, and this is what is predominantly used. For the thrilling speeds that have come to be associated with motorcycles and specifically Indian ones, you can use the Sport mode. It gives you a more direct response and the necessary abruptness in the initial application and the closing of the throttle. You have enough options to suffice your curiosity and necessities.

5. At the helm

The riders have been given enough accessories to provide them with all the necessities they need. The Roadmaster Dark Horse comes with an ABS, making it easy to ride. The windscreen is electrically adjustable so that you can change its height based on your preference. You also have a USB cable for charging your phone. The bike doesn’t require a key since there is a push to start button present.

6. The display screen

2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse 3

For entertainment and easy control of the features present on the bike, a 7-inc screen has been installed. Here, you have access to navigation assistance software and the stereo. You are also able to monitor different metrics, including tire pressure and battery voltage.

7. Dimensions and specs

The Dark Horse has a seat height of 26.5 inches and a wheelbase of 65.7 inches. It has a dry weight of 868 pounds, which is pretty heavy for a bike. However, once you start riding it, you cannot even notice this. The frame is made of aluminum. As stated earlier, it uses a Thunder Stroke 116 engine, which gives a displacement of 1890 cc. It gives 4.063 inches by 4.449 inches bore and stroke and has a compression ratio of 11.0:1.

8. Tires and suspension

2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse 4

A telescopic fork, 46mm in diameter, and 4.7 inches in height is used for the front suspension, while a single shock, 4.5 inches travel with air-adjustable load, is used as the rear suspension. The front tires used are Dunlop American Elite, while the Rear tires are Dunlop Elite.

9. Fuel system

It has a fuel capacity of 5.5 gallons. The fuel system installed in this bike is electric fuel injection with a closed-loop and 54 mm throttle body.

10. Price and warranty

2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse 5

When taking into consideration the features this monster has, the price you will have to pay is seemingly low. The recommended retail price for this bike is between 28,999 dollars and 29,749 dollars.  It also comes with a 2-year factory warranty, with unlimited miles.

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