What Makes Lexus Wheels Different from other Car Wheels

Lexus Wheels

Lexus is the luxury brand under the ownership of Toyota. Many things set Lexus apart, even down to the wheels. Most luxury automakers are meticulous about designing their vehicles with features that make them stand out in a crowd of competitors, and Lexus is no different. Here are the things that make Lexus wheels different from other cars’ wheels.

Lexus factory wheels

Lexus does not make its own wheels at the factory. Instead, the company outsources these components from a third-party provider. The leading provider of the original factory wheels for Lexus is Detroit Wheel and Tire. This provider offers the best possible replacement wheels and tires for any Lexus model on the market today.

What distinguishes Lexus wheels?

Lexus shares the secret of the creation of their unique customized wheels, unique for each model offered by the luxury brand. It begins by setting standards of Lexus luxury quality, which are meticulous in design, materials, and craftsmanship. Lexus orders wheels that meet the requirements for being superior forged products from the expert wheel manufacturers at BBS Japan for models such as the LFA Supercar, the LS F Sport, The GS F, the RC F, the IS, and the F. Each of these unique wheels is crated of superior alloy materials in a superior forging process.

Innovative technology

Before modern times, only sports and luxury models were outfitted with alloy wheels, however, their superiority has made them more common on most models including sport, luxury, and others. This doesn’t mean that all alloy wheels are created equally. When it comes to the manufacturing process there is a difference from one to another in the types of alloys used, the methods, and the quality of the end product, the wheel. While the majority of wheel manufacturers use a casing process that involves superheating aluminum alloy, pouring into a mold, and allowing them to cool to hardness, the forging process is superior. Lexus’s original factory wheels are forged.

The forging process for Lexus wheels.

Forging is a more complicated process than casting. Although the alloy is heated, it does not reach the high temperatures of cast products. The alloy does not melt nor reach a liquid state. The difference in the end product is that the molecular composition of the metal is better retained. When a forged wheel is compared to a cast wheel, the differences are notable. In most cases, the forged wheel emerges much lighter than the cast wheel and it is also much stronger and durable. Skilled craftspersons heat a round billet of aluminum to approximately 500 degrees C. The heated solid metal is sent to a mold with about nine-thousand tons of pressure. It is squeezed into the desired shape of the wheel. The wheel is spun and milled into the specific shape for the wheel model desired, then it undergoes a process of heating and cooling to allow the molecules of aluminum to completely bond to one another for additional strength. The wheels are cleaned, inspected, then sandblasted to relieve andy stress caused by the manufacturing process. This enhances the strength and durability of the wheel. A few other refining steps are completed before buffing or diamond cutting, depending on the model. The wheel is polished in accordance with the design specified.

Why you should only use Lexus original factory replacement wheels

Each Lexus model is made to specific schematics to enhance performance. Wheels are an essential part of the suspension system. The size and configuration of the wheels are made to work in sync with other components of the suspension to ensure that the driver obtains the maximum possible safety and performance. Aftermarket replacements may have slight differences that can have a major impact on performance.

Lexus Tire and Wheel Programs

Lexus offers customers purchasing a new vehicle a choice among three tire and wheel protection programs. These are worth considering at the time of your purchase. It’s worth the cost when you realize that the price of forged alloy wheels is also premium. The forging process is complicated. Because of the extra steps and man-hours, it’s more expensive to produce the wheels. It’s worth the time, effort, and expense. Their superior quality also ensures that they will last longer with fewer failures than cast alloy wheels. The standard protection program gives you protection if a wheel is damaged or destroyed. The plan will pay repairs up to $150 or issue up to $500 per wheel or $2,000 for the service contract period if the wheel is damaged beyond repair. Lexus also offers a Premium replacement package that covers double the standard allowances. This is recommended with models that have more expensive wheels. The Plus package covers cosmetic wheel damage repair for gouges or scratches,

Final thoughts

Lexus wheels are meticulously designed and ordered through two manufacturers. Detroit Wheel and Tire and BBS Japan are the two providers of superior quality forged aluminum-alloy wheels. Each model requires a specific wheel that will deliver superb performance. It must work with precision in conjunction with the other components of the vehicle. Deviations with aftermarket wheels may work, but there is always the chance that they will not provide the same level of performance as the original factory wheels and tires. Lexus is particular about the materials and the forging process that delivers components for each Lexus. It’s a habit that they’ve gotten into. Lexus insists on premium quality in craftsmanship and attention to detail. These habits have helped the brand establish the Lexus name as a top contender in the luxury vehicle market. Lexus wheels are made to be durable and reliable, which is a hallmark of the brand. While each car brand has its own signature and preference for manufacturing wheels, Lexus forges ahead with its insistence that only the best will do. These are the things that distinguish Lexus wheels from other cars’ wheels.

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