The 10 Cheapest Places to Live in Georgia


The southern states rank as some of the cheapest in the US, and Georgia is no exception. Packed with gorgeous small towns and vibrant cities, Georgia offers a little something for everyone. Even better, it’s at a price point that puts it within reach. If you’re working with a tiny budget but still want to get a piece of Georgia’s legendary hospitality and charm, take some inspiration from our round-up of the 10 cheapest places to live in Georgia.


10. Hephzibah

Hephzibah is a nice, friendly town with nice, friendly people. The schools are decent, the community is close, and the amenities are plentiful. In truth, it’s not the most dynamic or vibrant of cities, but for families looking for a safe, pleasant place to raise their kids, it’s ideal. Even more ideal is its cost of living. Services and goods can all be had for a song, while the average home value of $119,100 is unlikely to break the bank. If you’d rather stick to renting rather than buying, expect to part with just $745 per month.


9. Camilla

Sick of forking out half your salary on rent? Like the idea of paying as little as $400 per month for a decent sized apartment? Then you might want to consider Camilla, a small town that ranks as one of the cheapest places to live in the entire state. But it’s not just the low cost of living that makes Camilla so attractive. This historic city has a unique charm that’s rooted in southern hospitality. Each May, the city hosts a Gnat Days Festival, and in April, the Camilla Pro Invitational Tennis Tournament attracts a huge number of visitors to the area. Considering the scores of attractions and supremely low cost of living, it’s understandable why some of them choose to make their visit more permanent.


8. Varnell

Varnell is a small, attractive suburb of Chattanooga that also happens to rank as one of the cheapest places to live in Georgia. Although the median income is a little below the national average at $51,538, the low cost of living more than counters its effects. A single-family home here costs a very reasonable $119,200, while rental property can be had for as little as $648 per month. Services, goods, and transportation costs are also very attractively priced.


7. Duluth

If you want to live cheaply, you don’t necessarily have to seek out remote backwaters. Duluth is a small community conveniently located near Atlanta. It’s got small-town charm, small-town vibes, and small-town prices, all within striking distance of the thrills and spills of the big city. The median income here is a very reasonable $60,161, while the median home value is an equally attractive $174,200. It’s cheap, it’s attractive, and by all accounts, the Fall Festival is a must-visit.


6. Eastman

Eastman is a little city blessed with small-town vibes and equally small prices. Located around an hour’s drive from Macon, Eastman is a great option for people who want to enjoy the benefits of a small, safe community while still being within commuting distance of the big city. Homebuyers can expect to snatch up a single-family home here for as little as $100,600, while rental property can be had for around $609. Groceries, health care, utilities, and transport are all similarly cheap.


5. Jesup

If you like paying as little as possible for housing, transport, utilities, and groceries, you might want to consider setting up camp in Jesup, a small town where the cost of living is a full 12% less than the national average. If you want to buy, expect to get change from $100,000 for a three-bedroom, single-family home. A rental property shouldn’t cost you much more than $640 per month. The flipside of the tiny prices is a median income that, at $39,933, is way below the national average… although, on the plus side, that figure has increased by over 12% in the last year.

Warner Robins

4. Warner Robins

According to List With Clever, Warner Robins ranks as one of the cheapest places to live in Georgia. Along with the low cost of groceries, transport, and healthcare, property prices are great value thanks to a home price to income ratio of 2.3. Even better, the town is thriving, with a healthy job market bolstered by the nearby Robins Air Force Base, a very decent school system, and a friendly, tight-knit community.


3. Eatonton

Desirable and cheap are rarely synonymous. But for every rule, there’s an exception. In this case, the exception is Eatonton. Set against the backdrop of the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, it’s a great destination for outdoor lovers who want to appreciate Georgia’s stunning natural beauty in all its glory. With only 6,603 residents to its name, it’s in no danger of bringing home the prize for the biggest or most bustling city around. But small towns have their charm, and Eatonton most definitely has that. It also has one of the lowest costs of living in Georgia… which may just explain why Home Snacks has ranked it among their ten cheapest places to live in the state.


2. Arcade

If you’re looking for a cheap superb to live in, you’ll struggle to find many that fit the brief better than Arcade. Niche has actually gone as far as to name it the cheapest suburb in Georgia. Considering the average home price is a tiny $90,800 and the average rental price is just $770, it’s little wonder. Bucking the trend for low incomes accompanying low home values, the median income is a respectable $56,154.


1. Toccoa

In Toccoa, the median income is a less than average $42,422. But considering how far you can stretch your dollar here, it shouldn’t come as too much of a problem. Just $86,500 will get you a very decently sized single-family home. If you prefer to rent, don’t expect to have to pay much more than $671 per month. In fairness, it’s not necessarily the most desirable place in Georgia to live – poverty is over 18%, and the job market isn’t exactly what you’d describe as buoyant. But if you’re intent on reducing your outgoings as much as possible, it’s certainly worth bearing in mind.

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