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Porsche Automobiles

We have all, at one point or another, admired a vehicle by Porsche from afar…some of us from up close, on a very personal basis. But when we sit down and think about it, aside from knowing how to drive, what do we really know about the automobiles, or the company, for that matter? We know we look good behind the wheel, and we know our hearts skip a beat when we gaze at the sleek beauty of the body or the inner workings. Some of us are fortunate to actually have some deeper knowledge of the iconic company and the vehicles they produce, like an understanding of the engine, the special features, and the extras that were put in for luxury and comfort. Others seem to possess minds that are a Rolodex of Porsche knowledge; these individuals are the ones on knows every famous person that drove one, what year their car was, and what was under the hood. Some are just onlookers who have no knowledge other than Porsches are cool, and still others own Porsches, and know nothing other than how to put gas in and ask an attendant at a garage to check their oil.

Today we thought we’d throw a little extra knowledge out there for those whose collection of Porsche smarts is limited. No, we aren’t going to discuss mechanics, or features, or even all those optimal extras. Instead, we’re going to talk about Porsche as a company and its owner, but most of all we’ll discuss where Porsche automobiles are made. While the company was founded in 1931 in Stuttgart, Germany, there are many more facts surrounding where they are actually made today, and it’s something any Porsche fan will be interested in learning. So, sit back, relax, and soak up some legit Porsche knowledge that just keeps on giving…read on…

Beginnings: The Original Factory, Stuttgart

As we stated above, Porsche was founded in Stuttgart in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche. Currently, the company is headed by Volkswagen, another German auto company, but it is still headquartered in its original hometown. Things have indeed changed over the years, which we will dive into shortly, but for now we’ll just discuss Stuttgart. Actually, to be a bit more specific about the headquarters’ location, it is in Zuffenhausen, which is a district in Stuttgart; the main factory is also located there. This is the factory where the very first production model by Porsche was both designed and manufactured at back in the day. Things didn’t end there though, obviously. This continued over the years, and today Porsche engines and sport cars are still produced there. When it comes to production of both production model vehicles and race cars made under the company brand, they are made on the same production line there. In other words, both of those types of vehicles are co-manufactured on the same line, not different ones. According to Minneapolis Porsche Dealer, no other automobile manufacturer in the world uses the same line for production of differing vehicles the way Porsche does.


While this particular Porsche location isn’t a primary player in the manufacture of the automobiles, it does play a pretty major role in the administrative portion of the business. Without which, needless to say, we would not be able to have Porsches at all, correct? Since this is true, it’s important to give it mention and description. Porsche Lizenz-Und Handelsgesellchaft, Porsche Consulting, Porsche Deutschland, Porsche Financial Services, and Porsche Engineering Group are all stationed at this particular location.


Leipzig can be found in Sachsen, a state in Germany. This is where the second plant is located, and the Macan and Panamera are manufactured there. One cool fact about Leipzig is that it happens to have a 2.299-mile racetrack that is FIA certified and is ‘off-road’. Visitors are able to actually check out real racing there and see what Porsche is really all about for themselves. Keep this in mind for your next vacation, or if you own a Macan or Panamera, well, now you know where it came from.


This is the location of the warehouse that stores Porsche parts, and there are some really cool facts to learn about it.

• Houses 85,000 different parts
• Over 70,000 different storage areas which house the various parts
• 2,798,616 square feet of floor space alone
• Building measures 1, 215,245 square feet
• The location uses more than 100 forklifts with radio frequency capabilities

Tiny little tidbits of knowledge are always fun to have, if you ask me…especially if you have a love on any level for Porsche.

(Information courtesy of Witron)


Porsche’s research and development center has been located here since 1971. As of last year, it was in the middle of expansion, with intentions of housing an advanced studio for manufacturer design, an electronics integration center, and a high-tech wind tunnel for testing. It will be because of the work done here that any of us will be able to enjoy the wonder perks found in Porsche sport cars, sedans, and SUVs. Funny how things we envision as being stationary, like Porsche manufacture, include so much work done by so many different locations, isn’t it?


Not only are the offices for Porsche’s International After Sales located here, but they also house the companies research facility, as well as the Porsche Experience Centre, which can be visited by Porsche enthusiasts. Porsche Digital GmbH is also there, This particular Porsche location plays a major role in getting the job done on the inside for all of us on the outside.

In A Nutshell

So, as you can see, when it comes to Porsche there isn’t simply one office where workers punch in, make designs, slap them together, and go home at five. It takes the cooperative mindset and dedication of several locations to bring you the finished products they reveal. Because of the multiple locales, a sufficient amount of time is given to each and every aspect of the creative process, from idea to tangible vehicle, and it shows. This commitment is the reason Porsche is what it is, and always has been, so be sure to allow yourself to feel the resulting pride and appreciation when driving your gorgeous Porsche, but above all else, be safe out there on the road.

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