How is the Porsche Steering Wheel Different from That of Other Cars?

Porsche Steering Wheel

Since 1931 Porsche has produced luxury sport cars, sedans, and SUVs for an adoring public. They have managed to become one of the top manufacturers of high-end vehicles in the world, but this reputation, and its follow-through, hasn’t happened by accident. It is the result of years of creating quality and keeping up with the latest and greatest automotive technology. Heck, in many cases that have been on the delivery end of that particular stick. Really, the history of Porsche, the response they have always seemed to evoke from the public, and the reputation they have formed in the racing world keep the company at the top of the heap.

But what about the little things? They must exist, after all. What we mean by ‘little things’ is basically this: What are the little touches, extras, and various options does Porsche offer that takes the vehicles they make out of the proverbial box and set them right on center stage? Many things, believe us, many; you are likely very aware of a lot of them, if you are a fan of the Porsche brand at all. With all of the little extras in mind, we thought we would point our spotlight on one in particular, and our choice may surprise you. We didn’t choose a Porsche engine or transmission, or one of their knockout body styles. We didn’t choose the plush interior or loaded infotainment system…not really, anyway. Heck, we didn’t even choose to titter over added safety measures. In a way, however we chose to touch base here and there on all of them.

We’re just going to do it by means of the steering wheel.

Yep, you read that right. Porsche’s unique steering wheel is something to talk about. Your head may be swimming as you picture a circle with a few thick inner spokes, but there is much more to this than meets the eye. In fact, this particular item has garnered so much attention that lists have been made which rank which Porsche steering wheels are best. So, armed with these facts, we proceed. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Porsche steering wheel stand out from that of other cars, shall we?

The Porsche Steering Wheel

So, we have determined that most steering wheels, at least in the minds eye, are fairly predictable and basic, designed with few purposes in mind. It’s for steering, provides drivers with the ability to get the attention of others on the road with a horn, and helps control some entertainment features and cruise control options, right? The thing about it is, while you would be right in most every case, you would be underestimating the abilities of the Porsche steering wheel if you are limiting what it has to offer.

First, let’s briefly touch base on the wheel itself. For the sake of example, we’ll use the Sport steering wheel, which is featured in the 911 Turbo and 718 Cayman. The Sport steering wheel has the traditional three-spoke design which, according to Porsche, is not only lightweight, but also highly functional as well (for those of you wondering, the Porsche crest in in the middle, so no worries there). It also features something particularly special: Two alloy panels which feature gearshift controls that allow the driver to perform short shift throws…nice.

Now, there is also a ‘GT’ version of the Sport wheel. The GT is smaller in diameter, It comes in black, with spokes trimmed in Galvano Silver, fastened down with screws…very cool. These little extras manage to give the wheel motorsport-flavored aesthetic. Another clear plus is the fact that there are heating and AC controls on the wheel, along with multifunction keys that aid in keeping your hands and eyes where they belong when on the road. Clearly this contributes to not only comfort, but safety as well. Included are controls for the infotainment display, navigation, telephone, and audio controls, and on-board computer access. So, we’ve given you a quick rundown. Now let’s breakdown the specific options available to anyone who purchases a Porsche.

Specific Steering Wheel Options

The following is a rundown of exactly what is available option-wise when it comes to your Porsche’s steering wheel:

• Push-button steering wheel heating
• In-dash color display control (infotainment screen)
• Onboard Computer control
• Integrated smart phone operations
• Navigation access
• Audio control
• Electric adjustments for height and reach (standard)
• Handy MODE switch/Sport response button (standard)
• Alloy gearshift paddles (standard)

With all of this listed before your very eyes, it’s much easier to see how the Porsche steering wheel makes those of other cars look fairly lame and impotent, right? We definitely think so. The available wheels literally put everything right at your fingertips.

(List of steering wheel features courtesy of Porsche)

Bringing All the Facts Together

So, there you have it: The dirty lowdown on one of the finest, most comfort-inducing featured offered by Porsche. We’re fairly sure that in the beginning you were hesitant to let your imagination go to far when it comes to the steering wheel, which is exactly why we were so eager to break it down for you. What do you think?

From a company that has been making some of the best of the best vehicles in the world, we should expect nothing less, really. The way they’ve tweaked their engines and trannies for peak performance, the way they’ve designed their interiors so they provide optimal comfort and luxury, and the manner in which they have provided some of the best audio and audio access, as well as other electronic technology to move things along, should make things clear. Yes, Porsche is a company that is willing, and able, to go the extra mile when it comes to the vehicles they design and manufacture. Obviously, they believe the steering wheel plays a major part in that.

We would happen to agree with them wholeheartedly.

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