An Overview of the Lexus Roadside Assistance Program

Lexus Roadside Assistance Program

Driving a Lexus is a dream come true for many people. As the luxury arm of Japanese manufacturer Toyota, Lexus has spent the past 30 years giving premium car makers like BMW and Mercedes a run for their money. In the process, they’ve proved the Japanese know just as much about luxury motors as the Germans. But while Lexus may have a reputation for delivering first-rate, highly reliable cars, things can still go wrong. Whether a car is a Lexus, a Ford, a Porsche, or a Cadillac, it has the potential to get into trouble. It could be a manufacturing problem or a collision. Maybe you’ve locked your keys inside or got stuck in the mud. Either way, neither you nor your car is going anywhere. Or so you think.

When you leave a Lexus dealership, you don’t just drive away with a swanky new motor. You drive away with a host of additional perks. One of those perks is Lexus Roadside Assistance. Lexus Roadside Assistance is one of those things you hope you never have to use. But if you do find yourself in need, you’re going to be very happy to have it around. Keen to find out more about the benefits of membership? Then here’s everything you need to know about Lexus Roadside Assistance.

Who Gets It?

If your Lexus is 20 years old and out of warranty, then bad luck. Your car might be great but if it breaks down, you’re on your own. If, on the other hand, your car is still within the standard mechanical and manufacturing warranty (for new cars, this will be three years or 60,000 miles), you’re not. As part of the package of buying a new Lexus, all owners are treated to automatic membership of the Lexus Roadside Assistance. Membership will run for the duration of the warranty period. If you’re happy with the service and want to continue your membership past the end of the warranty period, Lexus offers a few options which we’ll address shortly.

What Does the Assistance Offer?

Lexus Roadside Assistance might be free for Lexus owners, but if it wasn’t, would it be worth paying for? Just how comprehensive can a complimentary roadside assistance service be? Very, as it turns out. Some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy as part of the package include:

A Replacement Vehicle

If your own car needs to be taken to a dealership for repair after a breakdown, Lexus will provide a courtesy car for up to three days. You’ll have to cover the cost of fuel, but the replacement car itself will be provided free of charge.


Breaking down when you’re away from home is distressing, but breaking down at home is no less inconvenient. While some roadside assistance programs omit home starts from their cover, Lexus has taken the fact that a quarter of all breakdowns happen at home into account. If you can’t start your car at home, you’ll benefit from the exact same service as you would if you were to break down 50 miles away.


If you break down away from home and a replacement car isn’t immediately available, Lexus will cover the cost of an overnight stay in a hotel for you and your family. Before you book yourself into a 5 class resort, bear in mind that reimbursement is limited. If you’d rather make your own onward travel arrangements, you can reimburse the associated costs.

Lost/ Stolen Keys

If your keys have been lost or stolen, don’t try and force entry into your car. Simple contact Roadside Assistance and they’ll arrange for your vehicle to be recovered to a local Lexus Centre. Note that while the cost of towing your car will be included as part of the package, you’ll be responsible for covering the cost of getting a new set of keys cut.

Second Person Coverage

If you’d like to nominate another person to be covered by the Roadside Assistance package, you can. The only caveat is that they have to live at the same address as you.

Full Service

As per custhelp.com, Lexus Roadside Assistance covers the full scope of common breakdown scenarios. Services include tire change, vehicle extrication, battery jump-start, fuel delivery, lockouts, and towing in case of a minor accident.

Where and When Can I Use It?

Breakdowns rarely happen at a convenient time. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry if you break down outside of the usual 9 to 5. Lexus Roadside Assistance is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, giving you full peace of mind that regardless of what time of day you need help, assistance is only a phone call away. Assistance is available throughout the United States and Canada and is provided by the American Automobile Association.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

If you want to get the full benefit of the roadside assistance package, it’s worth considering upgrading to Lexus Enfrom Safety Connect. As consumerinsurancereport.com writes, the option allows your car to send its GPS coordinates to a service provider in the event of a severe rear-end collision or other accident. You’ll automatically be entitled to a free trial of the service when you purchase your vehicle; continuation after this point will be on a paid basis. If you’d rather stick with the free services only, don’t miss the Roadside Assistance app. Once you download it to your smart device, you’ll be able to communicate securely and conveniently with Roadside Assistance. You’ll also be able to access the location of the nearest Lexus dealership.

What Happens When My Warranty Expires?

Lexus Roadside Assistance is available as a complimentary package for the duration of your warranty period. If you’re happy with the service and want to continue the coverage after your warranty expires, Lexus offers membership of an exclusive motor club organized via the AAA. As per the Lexus website (www.lexus.com/tools-and-benefits), owners are allowed to waive their customer enrollment fees and enjoy the benefits of roadside assistance just by paying annual membership fees. Membership of the club carries numerous benefits, including discounted travel and dining experiences, a trip planning service, and comprehensive roadside assistance.

Is It Worth it?

On a like for like basis, Lexus Roadside Assistance compares favorably to the services delivered by all other roadside assistance providers (which, considering its run through the AAA, is hardly surprising). Many drivers are sufficiently satisfied with the service to continue membership after the end of the warranty period. However, even if you choose to go another route, you’ll still enjoy three years of free assistance. In an age where even a smile comes at a cost, that’s not to be sniffed at.

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