Salestrail launches in India: an activity tracking app to support remote sales teams

Finland-based tech company, Liid, has launched their new sales activity tracking app ––Salestrail––which is specially designed to help remote teams adapt, as we face the coronavirus crisis.

Earlier this year, Liid noticed a massive 300% spike in searches for ‘Call Tracking Software’, most noticeably in the Indian market.

“There was a clear demand for solutions that could help companies manage their sales teams remotely. We wanted to help them swiftly adapt to this ‘new normal’, especially when there’s a greater need for transparency, and as VoIP calls are currently not an option for pan-India businesses,” says Maria Sundström, CEO and co-founder of Liid Oy in a statement.

The new Salestrail App’s features are therefore centred on three primary elements: ease of use, cost-effective and quick to implement. But what makes this solution stand out is the unique insights it provides.

An activity tracker, not a CRM

Wearables and health activity trackers have become common to enhance an individual’s physical health and performance. Salestrail takes the same working-in-the-background approach from consumer activity trackers, but applies it to the world of sales to help professionals.

The app’s dashboard helps sales leaders quickly check and follow the call performance of their team members and for the whole organisation.

“By tracking sales activities you can analyse everything from when is the best time to call your clients to how much time you should spend on your biggest customers,” says Sundström.

Some unique features that are on the product roadmap are speech-to-text notes, custom workflows (to fit each team’s sales process) and reminders to follow-up at optimal time and day for all ongoing cases. These features will turn the mobile app into a virtual sales assistant.

Maria Sundström - CEO_Founder

Maria Sundström, CEO and co-founder of Liid Oy.

“What’s interesting is that for many of our clients, the Salestrail App has also become a fun tool for healthy competition. Unlike a personal activity tracker that only tracks individual performance, Salestrail also lets team members collaborate, see their rankings compared to other teammates,” adds Sundström.

According to Sundström, sales teams using Liid’s solutions have saved thousands of working hours for companies. “The app saves salespeople around 30-60 minutes every day as 100% of their sales activities get auto-logged with no mistake, while the managers can monitor their team in real-time even remotely,” she says.

All you need is the mobile app

The product needs no technical implementation ––no phone configuration, no sim-card changes and no changes to the company’s work process flow. All you need to do is download the Salestrail App and/or login to the online dashboard.

“The whole idea was to keep it hassle-free, light and affordable. SMEs rarely have a lot of money to spend, nor do they want to deploy too many technical resources to implement another new software,” Sundström.

That said, the solutions fit even large companies who usually have customer relationship management (CRM) in use.

“Salestrail can easily integrate with an existing CRM to enrich the contact data and give a much more detailed analysis and unique call insights than any ordinary CRM,” adds Sundström.

“Our tech aims to make meaningful call analytics hassle-free and affordable for all, no matter if you are a startup with a 10-people team or a multinational with a giant sales army,” adds Sundström.

Salestrail launches in India: an activity tracking app to support remote sales teams Salestrail launches in India: an activity tracking app to support remote sales teams Reviewed by TechCO on 12/08/2020 Rating: 5

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