How to Get a Motorcycle License in Georgia

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Each state in America has its own set of rules and requirements for obtaining a motorcycle license. All Georgia residents are required to have a valid motorcycle license to legally operate a motorcycle on public roads. Although the laws change periodically, we’ve gathered information about the current requirements and the processes involved in obtaining this license as of December of 2020. Here is everything that you need to know about how to proceed.

What do you need to have a motorcycle license for?

Certain vehicles are exempt from the requirement of a Class M license. The Georgia Department of Driver Services advises all persons who operate a motor-driven cycle or motorcycle must have a valid Class M license. The only exception is if the driver possesses at a minimum a Class M instructional permit. The agency goes further to define what type of vehicles fall in this category. Any motor vehicle that has a saddle, and is controlled by handlebars that travel on three wheels or less, which make contact with the ground fall in this category. The exceptions are a moped or tractor. The rest are considered motorcycles that require this type of license. Any motorbikes, scooters, or minibikes that have engine sizes of 51cc or higher also fit into this classification.

Georgians have two options for obtaining a motorcycle license

There are two ways that you can obtain a motorcycle license in the state of Georgia if you meet all other requirements. These are to take a motorcycle safety program course and pass, or to apply to the DDS customer Service center to take the required tests and pass them for eligibility to apply for a license.

What’s involved in Motorcycle Safety Training classes?

Killer Creek Harleys has partnered with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation along with the Honda Riding Education Center to develop the Killer Creek Harley=Davidson University. They offer a course that will prepare you to secure your Class M motorcycle license in Alpharetta. The center provides classes to learn about motorcycle safety as it pertains to safe operation on public roads and beyond. Qualified instructors deliver in-class instruction. Upon passing this segment of the course, riders then receive hands-on training with time physically riding motorcycles to gain experience in simulated situations for riding on public roads. Students gain experience in the fundamentals of riding. After completing the course, a 90-day waiver is issued to bypass certain aspects of the required testing to obtain a motorcycle license in the state of Georgia.

Other requirements for eligibility

All applicants must pass a vision exam. They must also pass the Georgia DDS Knowledge Exam. Those who obtain a class MP permit for practice must only ride during hours of daylight with no passengers. Driving is not permitted on limited access roadways. A helmet must be used at all times. A motorcycle driving test must be taken and passed. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age to apply for a motorcycle license. All riders under the age of 17 are required to take and pass a 30-hour driver safety course in addition to the other requirements. You must have already earned a Georgia state driver’s license to be eligible to obtain a motorcycle license. All applicants who complete an approved motorcycle safety instruction course receive a 90-day waiver which entitles them to eligibility to obtain a motorcycle license. These applicants are not required to take the written or the driving portions of the requirements to get a license. If you do not take and pass the courses you are required to complete all of the steps including both written and driving road skill assessment tests.

Fees for obtaining a motorcycle license in Georgia

The fee for a motorcycle license in the state of Georgia is $25 for a five-year license. Those who are granted an eight-year license are charged $32. These rates are subject to change annually.

Requirements for minors – Minors are required to be a legal resident or citizen of the United States, at least 16 years of age. Minors need to have written parental permission to apply for a motorcycle license, completed a 30-hour diver’s ed course, completed a certified Georgia Behind the Wheel Program if under age 17, a certificate of attendance showing school enrollment, or HS diploma or GED.

What you will need to bring along

All applicants are required to show proof of citizenship/residency with a social security card, an original birth certificate or passport, legal documents that show name changes if any, a military ID card will also work as will property tax records if other documents are not available. The documents will be verified. You will then be given a vision screening, have a thumbprint taken unless you have one on file. After completing all of these steps, applicants who have not completed an approved motorcycle instruction course must take the written part of the test. If you pass the written test, you are eligible to proceed to the road test.

Getting a motorcycle license in the State of Georgia requires a sound working knowledge of the road rules. You must also know how to safely operate and handle a motorcycle. Riders must prove they possess the knowledge and the skills to safely operate a motorcycle. This can be shown by proof you completed an approved training course or through self-study, then demonstrating this knowledge and skills through the state-licensing department testing services. The rules for motorcycle licensing are always changing. It is a good idea to check with the Georgia Department of Driver Services for any updates.

Final thoughts

If you’re interested in enrolling in motorcycle safety instruction courses, there are multiple courses offered throughout the state. Most have new starting dates that happen every month. It’s not difficult to enroll. Some schools provide motorcycles to learn on. Some course providers require you to bring your own equipment, so it’s wise to check out the requirements and fees in advance. It’s no difficult to obtain a motorcycle license in the state of Georgia as long as you have the necessary skills and knowledge for safe operation and can demonstrate them.

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