10 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Fambro

Steve Fambro is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has found success in the automotive industry. He currently serves as co-CEO of Aptera Auto. He’s a visionary executive who has a belief in the positive power of technology to provide the world with a greener way to power our vehicles. His tech company has achieved great success in the electric car industry. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Steve Fambro that may inspire you to follow your dreams and turn them into realities.

1. Steve Fambro is an eternal optimist

According to his Linkedin profile, Fambro has a positive business outlook. He embraces the philosophy that companies can be even more successful when they find ways to do more with less. This ultra-conservative approach is the driver behind his endeavors to produce vehicles that are safer, higher-performing, and have a longer range. Through Aptera Auto, he’s leading the quest to accomplish these goals while leaving a smaller carbon footprint, using less energy, mining less, and using fewer batteries.

2. He co-founded Aptera Motors

Steve Fambro is not just the co-leader of Aptera Auto, he is also one of the geniuses responsible for launching the company. He and his partner run the company that designs electric vehicles that are among the most efficient on the planet. Aptera’s mission is to create a vehicle that can travel for up to 1,000 miles on one single charge. Their patented design includes a built-in charging feature that allows vehicles to draw energy from simply sitting outdoors in the full sunlight.

3. Fambro is a college graduate

Steve attended the University of Utah after graduating from high school. He enrolled in the Electromagnetics and Antenna design program in 1996. He graduated with his BSEE degree in 2001. It is worth noting that he served as TA for EE2260 when he was involved in the High School Electrical Engineering Camp in 1999. He designed a transmission line loudspeaker system that operated at a low cost.

4. Steve is a military veteran

Fambro enlisted in the United States Army in 1985. He served as a member of the armed forces for four years until his enlistment period expired. During his time with the army, he worked in the capacity of a Calibration Specialist. This gave him hands-on experience working in the engineering field that he had been involved in as a teenager in high school.

5. Steve knows how to make robots

In 2001, Steve accepted a job working for the Illumina company. While there, he worked in the position of Senior Electrical Engineer. A part of his job was to help design robots that Make DNA. He also assisted with the creation of vision systems for inspecting DNA. He stayed at the position until January of 2006, spending a little under 5 years at the job.

6. He knows how to accomplish big things with a small crew

Steve puts his philosophy about creating more with less into action in his own company. In an interview with Money Magazine, he shared that Aptera is a small company that works with a small crew. All they need to succeed is a few good employees, the right equipment, and an absence of bureaucracy. He also pointed out that because of the new supercomputers that are available to engineers, the work that once took a hundred can be done with just a few engineers at the present, and in some cases, only one.

7. Steve Fambro is in demand as a public speaker

Fambro has a lot to say about conservation and going green. This makes him in high demand as a guest speaker for related events. He is becoming a big name in the alternative energies industry because of his innovative approach to transforming the automotive industry with new and more powerful energy sources that use fewer resources and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Fambro puts his education and his engineering skills to good use by working towards the development of more economical resources. He does it from within the confines of a small company.

8. Steve started a food business

According to Going Green, Fambro founded a different kind of business before he established Aptera Auto. It was a vertical farming business. He and his family moved to the location in the middle east where they lived for 2 years. This was yet another green company that was based upon innovations within the agricultural industry to find new and better farming methods that used resources conservatively to produce the highest yields. Steve has shown that he has a heart for conservation and he’s put his beliefs into action more than once.

9. Fambro had a close call recently

Steve shared that he experienced a medical emergency not long ago. He was working out at the gym when he became violently ill. He rushed to the hospital and within a few hours of his arrival, he was on the operating table. His appendix had ruptured. While not everyone who suffers from this experience survives, Steve came through the ordeal and lived to tell about it. He had to spend a week in the hospital recovering from his near-death experience, but he’s back at work and as healthy as ever.

10. He negotiated his way out of the hospital early

Steve is not the kind of guy who enjoys spending time laid up in bed. His physician told him that he could not be released to go home until his wound had stopped draining. A nurse had emptied the tank just before the doctor came to make his final inspection that would decide whether or not Steve could be released. This meant that there was no evidence that the wound had stopped draining. Steve had anticipated this problem in advance. He had been taking pictures of the tank. He made a graph and a spreadsheet to show the doctor that his wound was in fact no longer draining. He was elated when the doctor gave him the green light to go home. This is the kind of tenacity that helps him forge ahead in his profession.

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