China Unicom, Huawei to build Beijing into 5G benchmark

(China Daily) China Unicom, a major Chinese telecom operator, and Huawei Technologies Co jointly announced the achievements of the 5G Capital innovation project with the theme of “Smarter, Together”.

The 5G Capital innovation project is part of the two companies’ broader efforts to build Beijing into a global benchmark for 5G applications.

As the capital of China, Beijing maintains significant political status and has high requirements on user experience, environmental standards, and network reliability.

With a focus on building core capabilities and enabling various industries, China Unicom’s Beijing brand said it has conducted fruitful innovations and practice all the way starting from the activation of China’s first 5G base station deployed in Haidian district in 2018 to the official launch of the 5G slice operation platform this year.

Yang Lifan, deputy general manager of China Unicom’s Beijing Branch, said, “Looking back on the journey, we always adhere to the spirit of progress, innovation, and science. We build core capabilities based on networks, technologies, and platforms to achieve excellence in business, technology, and quality. In addition, internal maintenance, optimization, and sharing are always in place. Together with equipment vendors and industry partners, we have built end-to-end network capabilities and a win-win ecosystem, providing our users with the best 5G experience and services.”

Peng Honghua, president of Huawei’s 5G Product Line, said, “We will continue to cooperate with China Unicom Beijing to enhance the operation efficiency of Beijing, digitalizing the entire city with 5G innovations. We are happy to work with China Unicom Beijing and industry partners to continuously explore technologies, standards, ecosystems, and business models, unleashing the potential of the 5G Capital and creating a healthy 5G ecosystem to achieve connectivity of everything.”

At the conference held on Thursday, China Unicom and Huawei also announced a new agreement named “5G Capital Cube” with industry partners such as Yitong Century, and Tencent Games to build end-to-end network capabilities and a win-win ecosystem.

Source: By Ma Si | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-11-13 13:41 

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