The Five Best Places to Find Tag Heuer Watch Parts

TAG Heuer

Whether you’ve recently bought a new TAG Heuer watch or acquired a vintage piece, the chances are that at some point or another, you’re going to be in the market for a replacement part. Of course, you could try scouring your local dealers, jewelry stores, and watchmakers, but your trip could end in disappointment if they don’t have the exact part you need. When you’re dealing with an older model, the task become even more challenging. But it’s not impossible. Look hard enough, and you’ll find plenty of places that offer TAG Heuer parts at a reasonable price and with a great service. If you’d rather someone else do the looking for you, you’re in luck. Without further ado, here are the five best places to find TAG Heuer watch parts.


When the keyboard warriors over at watchuseek.com praise a supplier, you know you’re onto a good thing. One of their top picks for TAG Heuer parts is Esslinger. We can see why. Not only do they carry a vast range of parts, their website also offers the added value of a huge bank of instructional tutorials, tips and reading resources (because after all, buying the part is just the first step in the process – at some point or another, you’re going to have to fit it. Unless you want to pay someone else for the privilege, it helps to know what you’re doing). Prices are reasonable, while the shipping options are hard to fault. The best feature, however, has to be the ‘Watch Parts Inquiry’. In the rare instance you don’t find the part you’re looking for in their inventory, simple pop through an enquiry and their customer service team will check availability and get back to you with an estimate. If you’re not quite sure of the name of the part you need, they also offer a very handy diagram of watch parts and common watch components.

Watch Material

When it comes to replacement parts, Watch Material has it covered. The site is easy to navigate, offering users the chance to select the manufacturer before narrowing down on part choice. The inventory is extensive, covering everything from straps to bezels, batteries to movements. Once you’ve found your part, you’ll also be pleased to know the site offers some great resources to teach you how to fit it. A small sample of the available tutorials include the titles ‘How to change a watch band’, ‘How to measure a watch band’, ‘How to find the size of my watch band’, ‘How to change a watch battery’, and ‘How to choose a watch winder’. The user experience is enhanced with a clear returns policy (if you’re not fully satisfied with your order, they’ll refund you in full providing the return is requested within the first 30 days after delivery), a reasonable price list, and a hefty dose of good customer service.

TAG Heuer 1000 Parts, Service, & Restoration

TAG Heuer 1000 Parts, Service, & Restoration may not be in the same league as some of our other entries when it comes to size, but in terms of the service offered, it’s more than worthy of a place on our rundown. With parts and services that cover almost every TAG Heuer piece that’s ever been made (including the 1500, 2000, 6000, Kirium, Formula 1, Chronographs, and SEL, S/EL, Carrera, Monaco, Autavia, Bund, McLaren, Link, Aquaracer, Monza, Deep Dive, and Super Professional models), the scale of its ambition is commendable – as is its worldwide coverage, something that most of its competitors don’t offer. Where it really shines, though, is in the bespoke, personable service it delivers. The team are always happy to answer questions (as the handy instant chat messaging service on their website attests) and are a wealth of information when it comes to all things TAG Heuer related. A quick scan of some of the comments on the website’s customer feedback page should be more than enough to convince you of the merits of putting your business their way. “Justin helped me with the parts I needed for my Heuer 844 Monnin, didn’t know exact what to look for, and could not find parts in Europe. Was helpful and took the time to answer my questions. The TAG Heuer retailer in my town could not help. They sent the watch to TAG Heuer but they could not help because they don’t have parts. Now I’m going to an old-fashion watchmaker that is going to restore my inherited watch from my father with the parts I got from Justin. So happy!!! The shipping arrived in 2 days from the US to the Netherlands” says Chris from Holland. For service with a smile, quick shipment, and the personal touch, it’s clear they deliver the goods.


Yes, they’re huge, and yes, they’re ubiquitous. But they’re both of those things for a reason. When it comes to stock, Chrono24 leaves its competitors for dust. While they’re most known for their extensive collection of watches, their parts inventory is just as impressive… and exhaustive. With a catalog that includes bezels, bracelets, straps, buckles, cases, clasps, crowns, pushers, dials, glass, crystals, hands, links, bars, lugs, movements (both complete and parts), tools, watch winders, and more besides, it’s fair to say that whatever part you need, you stand more chance of finding it here than you do most other places. And in terms of actually locating that part on the website, you’re in luck. While certain other parts suppliers have clearly concentrated more on the quality of their service than the quality of their website, Chrono24’s site is a dream to navigate. Simply pop TAG Heuer into the search engine before narrowing down by watch model, part, or even just functionality. Prices are cheap, and delivery to almost any country in the world is guaranteed.

TAG Heuer

Last but not least, we come to the most obvious supplier of TAG Heuer parts – TAG Heuer itself. In fairness, you’ll probably get a cheaper deal with other, non-affiliated suppliers. But you probably won’t get as good a service, nor the guarantee that the part is 100% authentic. Neither are you likely to find such a great source of rare, hard to find parts. Where TAG Heuer really comes into play is in the vintage and heritage segment. As calibre11.com notes, over the past decade or so, its Heritage Department has come on leaps and bounds, particularly in the area that’s dearest to most vintage collectors- access to parts. Rather than simply listing a bunch of parts on a centralized stock list, TAG Heuer takes a more direct approach. Send them your watch, they’ll send you a quote for both the part and its fitment, and, if you agree, they’ll complete the work on your behalf from their site at La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. It’s not necessarily the quickest process, and it’s certainly not going to be the preferred method for customers looking for “of the shelf” parts, but for vintage watch collectors willing to invest the necessary time and money into their pieces, it’s an unbeatable approach.

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