The 20 Happiest Places to Live in the World


Do you live in a happy city? We live in a time when happiness can be hard to find. The current pandemic has brought a new element of fear into the world, and we could all use a few rays of sunshine to make us realize that there is good in the midst of the bad. Regardless of the events taking place on a global scale, there are still some things to feel good about. We’ve found places that still exist where the residents enjoy a happy life. There are good jobs, lovely surroundings, and a warm and welcoming environment. Here are the 20 happiest places to live in the world.


20. Venezuela

Venezuela is ranked as the 20th happiest country in the world by Lifehack. It is the home of a shark sanctuary that encompasses 1,440 square miles of area in the Caribbean Sea. The people place a high emphasis on friendship and supporting worthy causes, such as shark preservation. Venezuelans tend to be energetic and happy people who enjoy dancing and throwing elaborate parties. The foods are out of this world and they’re always looking for a reason to get together. Lifehack goes on to provide us with four more of the happiest cities in the world as revealed in the World Happiness Report.


19. Luxembourg

The scale tips the happiness measurements high for the people who live in Luxembourg. This country boasts a 100% literacy rate with excellent access to education for all of its citizens. Money does make some people happy, and this country is a tax haven. The unemployment rates have remained low with an average of 3.3% pre-pandemic. This is the lowest in all of Europe. Health care is available to everyone who lives here at no charge, thanks to Luxembourg’s national health insurance system. There are celebrations with music, fireworks, and torchlight parades. The happiness level is high in Luxembourg.


18. Ireland

Ireland is a country that has had its shares of ups and downs. It certainly wouldn’t have made it to this list during the potato famine. The nation has rebounded and the latest global report shows that the people of Ireland are generous and have a healthy life expectancy. There is a high level of satisfaction with everyday life. Politics have reached an all time balance with the government achieving a satisfactory rating after centuries of turmoil. The people are patriotic and they’re huge sports fans. It’s the attitude of the people of Ireland that makes this such a happy place.

The United States of America

17. The United States of America

Life can be good in the USA. America is a resilient country where people are allowed to express themselves openly. Traveling in the country is easy and families can get in the RV and go wherever they like for vacation. It is a diverse nation that embraces hundreds of different cultures. The food is also diverse. America is open to radical change. Life expectancy is high and in general, the people are very accepting of one another. There may be differences of opinion, but Americans have the opportunity to carve any kind of life they desire if they’re willing to use their talents and skills with a little elbow grease. America is a resilient country and even when there are ideological differences, we have the freedom to speak out.


16. Mexico

Mexico hasn’t always had it that easy, but the people are resilient. Mexicans have an understanding of what is important in life. Although there are plenty of negative experiences in the world, they can cope, and to maintain hope that life will improve. Their perceptions of what makes life enjoyable create inner happiness that is freely shared. The culture and attitude of the citizens of Mexico make this one of the happiest places in the world.


15. Panama

Panama is a country that enjoys a low perception of government corruption along with a population base that tends generosity. The people maintain a positive attitude toward life with a laid back demeanor. The cultural events are plenteous and the people love to celebrate. Social interactions are extremely important to Panamanians. They love to talk and have personal conversations with friends and family. The cost of living is inexpensive and there is ample public transportation. The lifestyle is healthy with nutritious foods and plenty of exercise. It’s no wonder that this is one of the happiest places in the world.


14. Iceland

Rype places Iceland in the 15th position but we placed it beneath. This is a fairly isolated country, and this can be a good thing. The health care in Iceland is rated as being excellent, with paid maternity leave for workers. The environment is open and communities are safe with high levels of trust among the residents. This would make anyone feel content. On top of that, the scenery in the country is breathtaking. It’s a beautiful place to live and residents have each other’s backs.

United Arab Emirates

13. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates may be well-known for its incredible wealth, but it’s also on track for becoming one of the happiest places in the world to live. The government of Dubai launched its happiness index. The prime minister is appointing a minister of state for happiness to oversee the efficacy of government services. It’ his goal to ensure that the UAE is providing everything that it can to make the people happy, and it’s working because it’s the fourteenth happiest place to live in the world.

Costa Rica

12. Costa Rica

Rype also includes Costa Rica as one of the top 20 happiest places. The life expectancy for citizens is 78.5 years which is a lot higher than some of the wealthier countries in the world. This goes to show you that money isn’t everything. The people and government of Costa Rica believe in protecting the environment so they have a healthy place to live. Locals enjoy plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet that likely contributes to long life. There is no army in Costa Rica because the people are peaceful and not interested in war.


11. Brazil

Brazil produces some of the best coffee in the world. It’s is a good start to creating happiness. The economy is also strong and coffee sales are booming consistently. Brazil is a big tourist destination that helps to boost the economy and jobs for its residents. The beaches and surrounding environment are gorgeous, and they throw the biggest parties in the world. Their Carnival celebrations draw crowds from around the globe. The people are happy because they have everything one could want in life.

New Zealand

10. New Zealand

Rype’s choice for the 11th happiest place to live in the world is New Zealand. It’s an island country that has only been inhabited by people for the past 800 years. Its pristine beauty has been preserved in select areas. There are national parks where you can see wild penguins in their natural environment. The volcanoes are also spectacular. New Zealand draws its fair share of tourists, and it’s one of the most beautiful and serene countries in the world.


9. Austria

Travel Zoo weighs in with their interpretation of the happiness scale for our next five happiest places to live in the world. This country has moved up on the happiness index in two spots. It’s the birthplace of Mozart and home to a few of the best examples of baroque architecture in the world. The Belvedere Museum of Vienna is a big tourist attraction and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The food and wine are all highly rated. The people who live in Austria live in a land that reflects centuries of history and architectural beauty that reminds them of their romantic history. The best thing about Austria is the beauty of the environment in a relatively safe place to live.


8. Canada

Canada is a large country with landscapes that offer some of the most breathtaking views in the world. The population is sparse. This is because of its massive size and open areas of wilderness. There is plenty of hunting, fishing, and other sports activities in the country. The ethnic diversity ratio is high in larger cities. There are over 230 different nationalities represented in this country. The various ethnic food choices are spectacular. You can opt for city living or go off the grid in the Canadian Rockies.


7. Sweden

Sweden ranks high on the happiness scale. It is no small wonder why. This country has a lot of national museums that celebrate all aspects of the culture. These include the Baroque as well as pop culture groups such as ABBA. Sweden is the home of the Stockholm archipelago featuring 30,000 small islands off the coast. There are plenty of ferries to take you from one to the other. The food tours offered in Gothenburg are superb. There are great places to stay in Sweden with a lot of cultural experiences available. The people are happy with their beautiful country and there is always something interesting to do.


6. Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its snow-skiing lodges. There are also plenty of excellent hiking trails for anyone who wants to stay physically fit. Switzerland is also known for its therapeutic hot springs. You can relax in a healthy and natural mineral to rejuvenate your soul. Switzerland is also the home of several Michelin star-rated restaurants. Switzerland offers old-world charm with some of the most beautiful surroundings in the world. The residents lead efficient lifestyles in Switzerland. What this means is that they work hard so they can enjoy their downtime. Switzerland is a diverse country. Three languages are spoken there. These include Italian, Swiss-German, and French. The culture is warm and welcoming ad the residents enjoy a high quality of life.

The Netherlands

5. The Netherlands

The Netherlands has jumped up a spot in the happiest countries in the world list. The cities contain vibrant businesses and landscaping. The residents are really into the bike culture that cuts down on air pollution. Clean air is a reason to celebrate. There are quite a few museums for entertainment and education. You can go on a houseboat ride through the canals to kick back and relax. Marijuana has been legal for a long time in the Netherlands. You can find some great shops that sell consumables if that’s your thing. The food is good in The Netherlands. and there is plenty to do in this country. The people there are not complaining.


4. Israel

Conde Nast Traveler lists Israel among the top five happiest places in the world today. After decades of war, the nation of Israel has shown resiliency. This understanding may be the reason why the citizens of Israel appreciate the life that they have in their homeland. They take nothing for granted and are happy with what they have. Life expectancy is higher in Israel than in many other countries. The residents enjoy little censorship that allows all of the people who live there to enjoy life at the same level.


3. Norway

Norway is a happy country, according to Conde Nast. The citizens of Norway enjoy a relatively safe place to live with one of the world’s lowest crime rates. These are enough to make anyone happy. Norway achieved the status on number one in social capital, and it came in second in safety and security. You can make plenty of money in Norway. The chances of getting robbed are the lowest on the globe. Another plus is the beautiful surroundings and majestic Fjords.


2. Denmark

Denmark is the second happiest place in the world. The people who call this country home get a full 52 weeks of parental leave, plus free healthcare. The carbon emission rates are low because half the population gets around on bicycles. The satisfaction rate is high for the Danes. It’s a place where entrepreneurs flourish with their new business start-ups. The connectivity is high, and start-up costs are low.


1. Finland

Finland is the sauna capital of the world. There are more than three million of them in use around the nation. When you consider that just 5 million people are living here, that’s quite a fat. It’s a small country where residents value kicking back and relaxing after a day’s work. Finland has taken the top position in the happiest places in the world index for three consecutive years. Their education system is one of the best in the world. The teachers receive respect. In Finland, everyone gets an equal opportunity to get an education.

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