Migu to help upgrade ultra-high-definition video industry

(China Daily) Migu, a digital content subsidiary of China Mobile, said it will step up the push to promote the convergence of audio-visual media, as 5G technologies are set to accelerate the transformation of the ultra-high-definition video industry.

Liu Xin, general manager of Migu, said 5G’s capabilities of enabling ultra-large bandwidth, ultra-wide connection, and ultra-low latency will promote the upgrade of the communication experience to higher quality, and profoundly change the media communication pattern.

“5G will make media communication more diversified, media content production more convenient, media experience more immersed, and greatly expand media’s communication channels,” Liu added.

In the 5G era, the way people perceive the digital world and interact with the real world will undergo subversive changes, Liu said. Everything could be media, and everything could be a platform.

In the face of such profound changes, Migu is working hard to leverage its edge in 5G technologies to promote the upgrade of the ultra-high-definition video industry, Liu said at the 8th China Internet Audio & Video Conference.

The company, for instance, has unveiled a 5G creative partner program, which aims to attract and recruit creative partners to produce content for 5G, ultrahigh-definition, virtual reality and other fields. Migu also is offering funding, technology, intellectual property, business opportunities and other resources to help excellent content creators, the senior executive said.

On Wednesday, Migu and its partners, including Huawei Technologies Co and ZTE, unveiled a white paper on the integrated development of 5G and the ultra-high-definition video industry.

The white paper said as the integration of 5G and a wide range of traditional industries accelerates, the ultra-high-definition video sector will become the first industry to see explosive growth. But at the same time, the rapid development also will expose security risks, such as information security and supply chain security.

The white paper called for more efforts to draft and optimize standards, including technical standards, for the ultra-high-definition video sector and quicken its development.

Source: By Ma Si | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-10-14 16:19 

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