India sees second highest usage of Cisco’s virtual meeting app Webex after US

Bengaluru: India has seen the second highest adoption of Cisco’s virtual meeting application Webex after the United States, as organisations across sectors have enabled work from home for employees.

Sameer Garde, president, Cisco, India and SAARC, told ET in an interview that more than 4 million trial licences were issued during the past six months across the country and average monthly usage had increased from nearly 1000 users a month before March to 900,000 users a month currently.

A good portion of these 4 million sign-ups has translated into paid services, the IT and networking company said without disclosing actual numbers.

Cisco Webex is part of the company’s collaborative technology solutions, which account for 8-10% of the company’s revenue in India.

“So, from March to now, India has seen sign-up for around 4 million WebEx users. We used to do around 1,000 signups a month. From there in seven months, we have done 40 lakh sign ups in India. India is the second highest in terms of WebEx usage, after the US. These 4 million memberships were used by around 100 million participants on 12 million meetings every month on an average. Think about the scale that we have managed over just a 30-day period,” said Garde.

He said Cisco has enabled business continuity for at least 200 government organizations across 26 state and central government entities and “helped them connect and collaborate securely and seamlessly”.

Of the 4 million users of Cisco’s virtual meeting application, ‘slightly more than half’ are from micro, small and medium enterprises.

Garde said over 100 High Court judges have been using our solutions. 400 police stations in Telangana connected on WebEx to manage lockdown protocols.

The company said India has seen tremendous growth in adoption of digital technologies by organisations and that ‘many enterprises have divested from certain parts of their businesses to invest in digital’.

“We have seen a lot of investment in three areas. One is customer experience. The second is employee experience. It’s been 6 months that people are working from home now. You provide the collaboration and security tools. But how do you ensure that you improve the experience that they are having working from home. The third area, which is actually connected to the first two areas, is the whole concept of application experience,” said Garde.

As organisations have enabled employees to work from home, the country has witnessed an increased focus on investment in cyber security, he added.

India sees second highest usage of Cisco’s virtual meeting app Webex after US India sees second highest usage of Cisco’s virtual meeting app Webex after US Reviewed by TechCO on 10/24/2020 Rating: 5

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