Huawei to open Cybersecurity and Transparency Center in Rome in 2021

(Xinhua) China’s tech company Huawei has announced it will open its Cybersecurity and Transparency Center in Rome next year, a spokesperson from Huawei Italy said Thursday.

The Center will be operational in September 2021 and will complement existing centers in Banbury (Britain), Brussels, Bonn (Germany), Dubai, Shenzhen, and Toronto.

It will provide a platform for communication and joint innovation with all Italian stakeholders, as well as a technical verification and evaluation platform for government and customers, according to the spokesperson.

“5G technologies are … introducing a new digital dimension we are not yet used to today,” commented Huawei Italy President Luigi De Vecchis.

“5G is one of the turning points that will expand the potential of cyberspace for our societies, economies, and lifestyles … With today’s announcement, we aim at providing a constructive environment in which to show our openness, collaboration and transparency to build a digital Italy,” De Vecchis said.

Giuseppe Pignari, cybersecurity officer of Huawei Italy, said that Huawei has made cybersecurity “its major priority since 2010.”

“Cybersecurity and Transparency Centers are part of the strategy we have been following … to allow Italian customers, partners, institutions, and government to better understand and verify how Huawei is addressing cybersecurity across all its processes and products,” Pignari said.

The Center will provide government agencies, technical experts, industry associations, and standards organizations with a platform for secure communications, collaboration, and innovation.

It will be open to customers, government, and independent third-party testing organizations, which will be invited to perform fair, objective, and independent security tests, the spokesperson said. 

Source: Xinhua
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