A Buyer’s Guide for Finding the Right Boston Whaler Newport

Boston Whaler Newport Skiff

The Boston Whaler Newport is a skiff that became popular because of its versatility and safety. It was used as a family fishing boat as well as for water sports including skiing, waterboarding, and for cruising. It’s been a long time since the last Newport rolled off production lines, but even the older boats of the brand were a part of the unsinkable legend that has brought the name Boston Whaler to an esteemed status. If you’re considering buying a Newport, we’ve prepared a buyer’s guide to give you some pointers about what to look for and how to find a good deal.

Know the facts

Before you set out to find one, it’s wise to know the basics about the Newport, and any other boat you’re considering for that matter. The Newport was first launched as a 1975 model year. It enjoyed a successful 15 year run with the latest edition produced in 1990, according to Continuous Wave. The most prominent features of this boat are the side console with a windscreen to shield passengers from the airflow when cruising. Stainless steel grab rails offered a degree of safety with a second windshield in the bow area with contoured bucket seats for impressive comfort. Optional features included a casting platform for the rear part of the boat and a tow pylon for skiing.

Where to find a Boston Whaler Newport

There are still several Newports offered by both dealers and private parties. Purchasing from a dealer makes it easier to check the reputation through consumer review sites, to make sure you’re dealing with an honest professional. If you decide to buy from a private party, there are some questions to ask. These include a history of the boat, how many owners, the model year, how many owners it has had, if known, and how the boat has been stored and maintained. Also inquire if the boat has been in any accidents, if it has been restored, or repaired, and who performed the work, if known. It’s important to ensure that any repairs made to the boat have been done so correctly, or they may need to be redone at some point in the near future.

Inspecting the Newport

Ideally the boat will be out of the water so you can get a good look at the hull. It should be coated in paint with no obvious signs of damage or cracking. Sometimes the gelcoat will have tiny cracks ,which isn’t a big deal, but look for obvious signs of damage or weakness in the integrity. Hulls are expensive to replace. Keep a notepad with you and jot down any items that will need replacement or refurbishing. Look for any signs of rust on the stainless steel components including the rails. The steering unit should be in good working condition, and any electronics in working order.

Next check the wood components of the boat and look for signs of water damage or dry rot. Are the seats still stable and in good condition? Check the cushions for signs of water damage. If water has seeped through to the cushion beneath the interior it could cause deterioration with a need for seat replacements. The older the boat, the more difficult to find replacement parts that are an ideal fit. Finally, assess the condition of the engine. Find out its age and how often it has been used. It may not be possible to take the boat out for a test run, but if offered, don’t turn down the opportunity. It should handle nimbly and responsively on the water.

Assess the value of the Boston Whaler

You can find an assessment tool through JD Power’s NADA guidelines for approximate current values. Refer to your notes to perform an assessment of the overall condition of the boat. The best way to assess the value of a boat you’ve just inspected is to deduct the estimated cost from the current assessed value, and it should give you a ballpark figure of what you could consider a good deal.


Boston Whaler Newports have been sold all over the world. Although you might find a lot of listings, it’s best to go with those that are closer to where you are, or will be going anyway. Driving long distances, or paying shipping charges can be very expensive.


Consider what you plan to use the boat for. Do you intend to fish only, or to use it for various water sports. You may want to stick with models that are fully equipped with the amenities that you will find useful. Some are outfitted with tow eyes for skiing, and others are equipped with rod holders for fishing. Unless you plan to add these later, it’s good to find a used Newport that is ready to go with everything you need. It’s also wise to shop around before you make your final decision. There are still quite a few Boston Whaler Newports in good to excellent condition, on the used boat market today.It’s best to find several that are in fairly close proximity to where you live, and to compare the stated conditions and the prices before you decide to buy.


It’s not difficult to find a Boston Whaler Newport for sale, but it’s Important to verify the condition before you close the deal. There’s nothing to replace an in-person inspection before you exchange any money. Pictures can give you an idea of the condition of the boat, but they might not reveal any potentially serious damages that might be lurking out of sight. Newports that are in excellent condition, although older craft, can still sell for more than the original selling price as Boston Whalers tend to retain their value and integrity nicely. It’s still important to beware of sellers who do not disclose details that could affect the overall value of the boat, so know the facts, make your inspection, assess the true and fair value, then make your best offer.

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