10 Things You Didn’t Know About Thomas Healy

Thomas Healy

Thomas Healy is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is best known for establishing the Hyliion compony. Healy currently serves as the CEO of the transportation, trucking, and railroad company based in Austin, Texas. Thomas is a remarkable young entrepreneur who has achieved significant success before turning age 30. You might find inspiration from the things that he has done in his career. Here are ten things about him that you probably didn’t know.

1. He’s close to becoming the youngest self-made billionaire in America

According to Forbes, Thomas Healy, at the age of twenty-eight, is set to become the youngest billionaire in the United States, who hasn’t gained his fortune through inheritance. Healy ranks high on the Forbes’ self-made list, which means that he didn’t get a lot of outside help. He didn’t gain his fortune from riding on anyone’s coattails, but instead, by getting a solid education, applying a few good ideas he had, adn working hard to achieve his goals.

2. Healy’s new company will engage in a merger

We also learned from Forbes that Hyliion is about to merge with a publicly-traded company. Tortoise Acquisition Corp is preparing to acquire Hyliion, and the result will be Thomas becoming a billionaire. He has built up a 560 million dollar company while still in his twenties. Now that Hyliion shares will be available for sale, it might be time to consider investing in the renewable energy sector.

3. Thomas Healy is a brilliant inventor

Hyliiion’s success came from Healy’s development of a regenerative braking device. It can be installed on long haul trucks to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 percent. He is not only an entrepreneur, but he is also an inventor. Commercial production of the braking system commenced in 2017.

4. Healy is concerned about the environment

Thomas Healy has been with Hyliion as CEO since April of 2015. In just a little over five years, he has built up a business that contributes positively to the betterment of our environment. One of the goals of Hyliion is to pursue transportation devices that are more environmentally friendly. A second goal is to make the components more economical. His specialty is inventing electrified powertrains that cut down on emissions while lowering fuel costs, according to LinkedIn.

5. Thomas Healy created a research company

In addition to launching Hyliion, Healy also founded a research company. Healy started HeadSmart Labs in July of 2014. He opened the doors of the company to develop new approaches to the development of protective headgear for sporting activities. Thomas established HeadSmart Labs in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Healy’s lab collaborated with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Carnegie Mellon Univerity to develop protective gear for the school’s football team.

6. Healy launched his first business in 2012

The first company that Thomas Healy founded was called Promos On Campus. This business provided jobs for students who would go out and sell customized print items on their respective campuses. The company worked with student organizations as well as alumni relations, academic departments, and catering services with On Campus Reps advising on the best promo products. This company remained in operation for three years, coming to a close in 2015. This early success shows that he had a strong entrepreneurial streak in addition to the talent and commitment to launching his operation. It is precisely this kind of drive that is necessary for accomplishing great things in the business world.

7. Healy has secured five patents

We also discovered through Thomas’ LinkedIn site that he is the creator of 7 inventions that are protected by patents. Four of his devices are in the motor vehicle accessory category with the function of reducing fuel requirements and increasing power supply. The fifth invention he has secured a patent for is a trailer-based energy capture and management system. Each of these inventions is unique and unlike anything else that is currently on the market today. Thomas Healy is a genius when it comes to planning and implementing new automotive devices that serve the dual purpose of cleaner operation and cost savings.

8. Thomas has a college education

According to Freight Waves, Healy attended Carnegie Mellon University. He earned two degrees while he was there. He holds a bachelor’s degree in public policy. Healy also obtained a second bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. It didn’t take him long to earn two degrees. More remarkably, while he was doing so, he also made time for running the first company that he launched.

9. He’s a Forbes’ 30 Under 30 guy

Thomas Healy’s name appeared on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list. He was just 25 years old at the time he made it to the list. The 30 Under 30 is composed of the most successful business persons who are age 30 or younger. Thomas disclosed this fact in an interview that he gave to Freight Waves. Forbes keeps this list at just 30 unique people that make it easier to rank the best in the business.

10. Thomas Healy was a race car driver

According to Transport Topics, Thomas spent a lot of his time at the various racetracks driving cars. Racing was one of his favorite hobbies. He took an active interest in electric automotive technology when he learned more about it in his mechanical engineering courses. He was fascinated by the technology used in Tesla’s vehicles. He even drives one as his everyday vehicle. He saw the heavy hauling rigs during his time at the racetrack. These were the type of equipment that was delivered in tractor-trailer rigs. All of these experiences combined to give him the idea for inventing devices that could help to make the larger-sized transportation sources more fuel-efficient, cheaper to operate, and environmentally friendlier.

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