What is a Harley Davidson Rocker?

Harley Davidson Rocker

Harley Davidson has been able to maintain tradition and create a culture while simultaneously adhering to the advancements its technology, in terms of mechanics and infotainment. That is something only a few brands can boast of doing. In motorcycle manufacturing, it is as clear as day that Harley Davidson is at the paragon of excellence and efficiency. That being said, staying at the apogee is an onerous task. More often than not, the top dog is always trampled by the up-and-coming underdog. Perhaps it’s a case of stagnation on the side of the top dog or maybe it is sheer determination and drive that smaller brands and organizations have that push them to the top. The peak of the mountain is small and with thin air for a reason. There can be no perpetual stay at the apogee for one entity. Consequently, every once in a while, even the lion needs to reassert his dominance on the pack. This is the perfect prologue for the Harley Davidson Rocker. The following is what you need to know about it.

Release date

Initially released in 2008, both the Harley Davidson Rocker and its companion the Harley Davidson Rocker C are considered both enigmatic classics and modern templates to what a bike should look, feel and act like. Enigmatic because at to this point, Harley Davidson  had not released a motorcycle that even slightly resembled this one. Back then and even right now, Harley Davidson has brought to corporeality the idea if factory customs. The quintessential bike that has come straight out of the custom shop is a combination of a front wheel that has been kicked way out, with the rear tire broad and unusual. Harley Davidson managed to make a stretch of this, and then some, with the Rocker and the Rocker C.

Unique features

Harley Davidson Rocker 1

The whole bike and its conceptualization can be summarized with one word, stretch. The custom motorcycle that has gained notoriety through the television shows seems to be the blueprint for the design of this bike. The bike has a modified chassis that not only underpin but also straight undermine the Softail model line that was and is still popular. The custom job appreciated by HD aficionados is brought to life with the fact that the front wheel has been pushed forward some inches. To cover up for the newly created space, the gas tank has also been elongated. This not only gives the motorcycle an aggressive and masculine feel, but it also makes sure the metrics are improved as compared to its predecessors, with an increase in the gallon capacity. The bike’s fuel capacity stands at an impressive 4.9 gallons. The bike has a length of 95 inches. It has an overall width and height of 35.1 and 46.0 inches, respectively.


At first glance, the bike gives an impression of a solo ride only effective for runs through the metropolitan streets. This couldn’t be more wrong. First, the solo seat that seems to be floating on air can be complemented by a second pillion seat that is stored underneath it. The entire process of installing the passenger seat can be done without tools, making it easy and efficient. Secondly, the Harley Davidson Rocker is anything but a sub-urban motorcycle. A common malady that affects customized bikes is the fact that though they are good, sometimes splendid, for casual rides through the estate or city, they turn into incompetent vehicles when you are tackling a twisty road. The engineers at HD have tackled this issue with finesse and flair, thus making the bike effective irrespective of where is how fast you are driving.


Harley Davidson Rocker 2

Powering this motorbike is a beast of an engine, to say the least. The Air-cooled, twin Cam 96BTM is pushrod operated. The overhead cylinders it has have self-adjusting lifters, and each cylinder has two valves. The result of housing such a monster is a bike that produces 92.2 pounds of force per foot at 3000 revolutions per minute. Additionally, you have a lean angle of 26.8 both on the right and the left. The icing on this already delicious cake is that the engine is also energy efficient, and has a rating or 35 miles per gallon on the EPA urban roads and 54 miles per gallon on the highway. As stated earlier, HD has over the years embraced its traditions while gradually acquiescing to the developments in technology. This latter is crystal clear when you look at the electrics and overall electrical system used on the bike. The battery used is a sealed, 12 volts, 19-amp per hour. It produces 270 cca and is maintenance-free.

Charging system

The bike uses a three-phase, 38-amp charging system. This simply means that it is 430 watts at 13 volts, 2000 revolutions per minute, producing a max power of 489 watts at 13 volts. The starting requires 1.2 kW electric and solenoid shift starter motor engagement.


Harley Davidson Rocker 3

The lighting used on the bike, both at the time and presently, it top-tier. The headlight is a quartz halogen that is 55 watts at the low beam and 60 watts at a high beam. The stop, turn and tail lights are integrated LEDs. The turn-light is 28 watts and is self-canceling, so you don’t have to keep checking if they are still on. There is a myriad of indicator lights when it comes to the Harley Davidson Rocker. There is the low oil pressure, neutral, high beam, engine diagnostics, low fuel warning, and the 6-speed lights. Additionally, based on your preferences, you can choose to include a security system indicator lamp.


The Harley Davidson Rocker is, without a doubt a collector’s item, even though it hasn’t been that long since it was released. For the Rocker, you will have to part with $17,595 while the Rocker C will cost you $20,140.


Harley Davidson Rocker 4

If you are looking for a hard-core chopper style devoid of the hard-core backaches or headaches, the Harvey Davidson Rocker is the ride to get. You know that your bike is ‘sick’ when everyone keeps staring at it when you get compliments from both trucks and regular drivers alike at the stop sign when all your friends and acquaintances want to hop on and go for a ride. With the Harley Davidson Rocker, you get that and more.

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