The 10 Safest Places to Live in Philadelphia

Chestnut Hill

Philadelphia has many names. Most people refer to the city as Philly, but it also happens to be known as The City of Brotherly Love and The Athens of America among a few other nicknames. These two names spell out so many things about Philly that residents and nonresidents love. For residents, living in Philadelphia means living in history and living in peace. Philadelphia has many areas that offer safe and high quality living. Those who are wishing to relocate to a place of historical significance should look into Philly for options. If you happen to be in the market, here are the 10 safest places to live in Philadelphia.

Pennsport – Whitman – Queen

10. Pennsport – Whitman – Queen

This Philadelphia area may not be a favorite for many, but if safety is a priority then you must check out the Pennsport-Whitman-Queen area. There’s an average size population here, but the unemployment rate is fairly high at 7.3%. Jobs may be harder to find here, but it’s a good thing that transportation out of the area isn’t bad at all. It also happens to be more expensive here because of all the amenities; but what Pennsport-Whitman-Queen lacks in these features it has in safety and security.


9. Fishtown

Fishtown is definitely far from fishy, even though the historic town did get its name from fish. This little corner in Kensington has been around since the 1730s, and some parts of it reflect its age. However, there’s so much new life coming into this former working-class neighborhood. It’s got a new identity now as a sprawling, safe neighborhood that features half-million dollar homes. It’s surely not a bad place to live.


8. Somerton

The cost of living might be incredibly high in Somerton, but there’s good reason for that. Somerton is one of the best neighborhoods in all of Philadelphia, and it’s also one of the safest. The crime rate here has steadily gone down over the years, and the total crime here is 39% less than the national average. You’d have to save quite a bit of money to purchase a house here, but it’s highly likely to be worth it.


7. Bustleton

Good schools and incredibly low crime rates are some of Bustleton’s best features. The rate of crime here is down each year, and the amenities happen to be quite excellent. Bustleton housing might be higher than the city average, but the urban-suburban feel it offers attracts some of society’s highest earners. The higher cost of living could be attributed to this factor, but it doesn’t change the amazing safety ratings of the area.

Mount Airy

6. Mount Airy

There’s something light and carefree about the sound of Mount Airy, and it’s not just the name that evokes that sense. It’s the place itself that some have described to have more greenery and more peace. Who could say no to such an attraction? Perhaps the feature of having low crime rates will attract others more. Either way, living in Mount Airy could only offer you excellent living opportunities. It’s a difficult place to say no to


5. Manayunk

With only a population of more or less 7,400 residents, Manayunk offers peaceful vibes in an urban-suburban setting. It’s hard to find places with Manayunk’s population combined with its excellent amenities. This classic mill-town has so much charm to offer its visitors and residents, and walking around Manayunk feels safe and secure. The area has great crime ratings that are only eclipsed by the high cost of living. If you can afford it here, you should definitely consider Manayunk as a place to call home.


4. Roxborough

It’s diverse, and it’s historical. Roxborough has roots that run deep, and it’s something that can’t be created. The culture and atmosphere in Roxborough is something that has been developing through time, and the neighborhood has had a lot of it. Roxborough offers incredibly safe living combined with a small town feel. Many people visit here only to find themselves calling it home. The population in Roxborough has grown steadily over the years—perhaps due to people not wanting to leave.


3. Eastfalls

If you want the option of living in a quiet neighborhood but only being minutes away from the busy streets, Eastfalls might be a good option. This area offers a good mixture of historical Philadelphia vibes partnered with modern amenities. The slow pace of life here is reflected on the neighborhood’s low crime rate. Eastfalls also offers wonderful scenes and plenty of parks to enjoy.

Fairmount – Spring Garden

2. Fairmount – Spring Garden

Unfortunately, you’d have to be willing to pay money in order to live in this neighborhood, but you need to know that the Fairmount-Spring Garden area is absolutely worth every penny. When it comes to safety, you’d find very few places that offer peace the way Fairmount-Spring Garden does. The job market here is excellent too, as well as the amenities that are comparable to a big city. The population here isn’t too much either with only about 23,800 residents.

Chestnut Hill

1. Chestnut Hill

It’s hard to find places that combine country and city living, but Chestnut Hill does this perfectly. Home spaces here will give you enough room to feel sparse, while the amenities are pretty much what you’d find in any large city. Chestnut Hill also tops our safety list with crime rates that are 41% lower than the national average. Of course, not one feature makes Chestnut Hill the best. It’s the combination of everything that this neighborhood offers that makes it one of the most sought after places to live in all of Philadelphia. You get a little slice of history here, a little slice of modern, a little slice of outdoors, and a little slice of culture. It’s pretty much everything most people would look for in a place to call home.

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