The 10 Best Places to Stay in Reykjavik

Hotel Apótek

Iceland has long been an adventure destination. With rugged landscapes and stunning natural topography, Iceland features incredible experiences and sights you’ll never forget. At the center of it all is Reykjavik, the capital city of the Iceland. Reykjavik is also the largest city, making it the hub of Iceland’s cultural and economical happenings. A visit to Reykjavik will require some dedicated time and with that comes a need for proper lodging. There are a ton of places where you can lay your head here, but here are the 10 best places you can stay at in Reykjavik.


1. Fosshotel Reykjavik

It’s modern, imposing, and more than impressive. The Fosshotel Reykjavik is the largest hotel in all of Iceland. With over 320 rooms to choose from, you’ll find something that can bring you comfort and ease during your travels. The hotel has 16 floors, and the upper floors offer incredible views of the city and beyond. You’ll also get four-star amenities at the Fosshotel. There’s a restaurant in house and a beer garden as well. You can enjoy modern accommodations for whatever size party you might have.

Icelandair Hotel

2. Icelandair Marina Hotel

If you’re looking for a hotel that has easy access to the downtown area, the icelandair Marina Hotel will be a good choice. The hotel is literally right next to downtown, right in the midst of Old Harbour. Easy accessibility is always a plus, but you’ll also get amazing views of the ocean and the wharf at this Marina Hotel. Combining modern and maritime in a unique way, you’ll get a firsthand look at Iceland in design. There’s so much Icelandic history in this building that a stay here alone is an experience in itself.

Canopy by Hilton

3. Canopy by Hilton

Hilton is one of the world’s best hotel brands, and they are known for quality amenities and inspiring customer service. Reykjavik’s Canopy by Hilton is a boutique hotel that features their “Just-Right Rooms” program. The program is designed to meet the customer’s every possible need. Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, this Hilton hotel is sure to give you an excellent stay.

Hotel Borg

4. Hotel Borg

Iceland is known for having unique natural destinations, but that characteristic also applies to culture and architecture as well. Hotel Borg is a prime example of how distinctive Reykjavik can be in so many ways. The hotel is set with an art deco theme, which provides a totally exclusive experience for those staying for even a night or two. The Borg offers accommodations from a single room to a deluxe suite. The hotel also has a spa and fitness rooms that offer various extensive treatments for guests. Hotel Borg has been around since 1930, and it has been providing luxurious stays for all its guests. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Hotel Apótek

5. Hotel Apótek

Upon first look at Hotel Apótek, you’d never guess that it was once built as a pharmacy. The building was built in 1917 and the façade very much reflects that kind of history to today. While the interior is just as old, you’d never guess with how luxurious everything is inside. Hotel Apótek is modern, high-end, and absolutely beautiful in every way. The fact it’s right at the heart of Reykjavik’s shopping and entertainment district is just the icing on the cake.

Icelandair Rykjavik

6. Icelandair Hotel Natura

Following Icelandic tradition of repurposing old buildings, the Icelandaiar Hotel Natura was once an airport. If you are looking for a truly unique hotel experience, the Hotel Natura will give that to you. This hotel is one of the country’s numerous green hotels. It’s focused primarily on activities that promote Iceland’s incredible outdoor opportunities, and it’s also home to a spa that accesses the natural geothermal forces of Iceland. You wouldn’t even have to leave the hotel to experience some of the things that Iceland is most known for.

Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Hotel and Spa

7. Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Hotel and Spa

Being the original Hilton in Reykjavik, the Nordica Hotel knows exactly how to do it right. Their spa facilities are some of the best in the country, and the fitness center features high-quality equipment. The Nordica also has a restaurant in house—the Vox, which features excellent and locally sourced Nordic cuisine. If you manage to snag one of the executive rooms at this hotel, you’ll get some of the most magnificent and lavish views of the waters.

Radisson Blu

8. Radisson Blu Saga Hotel

If quiet is what you’re after, the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel is your best option. This hotel is located close to the University of Iceland, where the area is less populated and more spread out. Although the hotel is built to cater to business guests, the Radisson Blu Saga has plenty of amenities to please all sorts of travelers. There are 3 outstanding restaurants in-house, a gym, and a much-coveted presidential suite. This hotel is certainly a great choice for those looking for solid rest before more Reykjavik exploration.


9. Arnarhvoll by Center Hotels

Incredible views and incredible rooms are what await you at the Centerhotel Arnarhvoll. Just as the hotel slogan says, this place is really where the city meets the sea. From the most relaxing rooms to the most relaxing spa, you’ll spend your time unwinding and rejuvenating at the Arnarhvoll after your Icelandic expeditions. You’ll also enjoy the SKY Restaurant & Bar on the 8thfloor, which serves an international menu with the Faxaflói Bay as the background. There’s nothing better than dining with nature around you, and you won’t have to do it outdoors here at this restaurant. Come winter, spring, summer, or fall—you’ll have something new to experience each time at this hotel.


10. Thingholt by Center Hotels

With a more central location right at the heart of downtown, this hotel by Center Hotels offers a completely different experience. Thingholt is a boutique hotel that’s walking distance to all the shops, restaurants, and entertainment in Reykjavik. It has everything you could ever want in a luxury hotel—a bar, a spa, a gym, meeting rooms, a concierge, and even some awesome breakfast. Famous Icelandic architect Gulla Jonsdottir designed the rooms here, and that fact alone makes us want to stay. Nature-inspired and totally refreshing, Thingholt will make you want to extend your Reykjavik stay even longer.

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