How to Get Your Hands on a Mint Ferrari 599XX

If you’re looking for a Ferrari 599XX in mint condition, you’ll need to be at the top of your game when it comes to your knowledge base. It’s not as complicated as it sounds though. All you need is a basic knowledge of the car with a few tips about what to look for and how to asses its authenticity and value. We’ve put together a buyer’s guide to walk you step by step in the best process to make sure you’re equipped to go out and make the deal without fear of getting rooked.

Background of the Ferrari 599XX

The Ferrari 599XX is the track-only version of the 599 GTB. It was first introduced to the world at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009, about 3 years after the parent line made its debut. This lightning fast super car is the design of Formula-one engineers at Ferrari with quite a few modifications on the standard car. This served to make it race track ready with improved responsiveness and nimble handling. The ducktail rear spoiler is made of carbon fiber providing downforce enhancement with a rear diffuser that helps direct airflow further. Notable features are the exterior pair of winglets positioned on the C-pillars for improve downforce, front and rear tow hooks, a minimalist interior in a racing design. Bucket seats and analogue LCD display that satisfies the need for gauges, and a roll cage with sliding windows.


Carbon ceramic brakes were added for slowing this speedy super car with crossed drilled rotors along with the racing exhaust system, and multiple modifications to improve aerodynamics, downforce, and gearing time. The acceleration time is an impressive 0-62 mph in just 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 196 mph at the redline.

The 599XX Evoluzione

This model was revealed at the Beijing International Auto Show in 2010. It received upgrades in the exhaust package and electronics in time for the Bologna Motor Show in 2011 with weight reduction and a bump in peak power (516 lb. ft. of torque). An auto adjust active rear wing was the most notable new feature to enhance cornering performance. The Evoluzione is a special package applied to the 599XX, perhaps it is more of an upgrade than a model.

Price range

The top price range for the 599XX hovered at $1.75 million with the Evoluzione package boosting it by $250,000. Recently, a model that only locked 932 miles on the odometer was valued at $1.94 million, of course, with the Evoluzione package, but when you’re that high in price what’s an extra quarter million? It was for an experimental version which is tough to gain access to for a test drive.The lowest price we’ve seen is around $1.4 million in USD.

Where to buy a 599XX

It’s best to start your search with classic luxury car dealerships. These highly collectible rarities are generally kept under close tabs with their every movement monitored and recorded for the sake of maintaining a high value. They occasionally pop up for sale at an auction. The most likely places to find a 599XX is through a premier auction house such as RM Sotheby’s, or Mecum auctions. You can also check out James Edition, and the DuPont Registry as these are the most likely places to find one of them up for sale. Occasionally, dealers advertise them for sale, so an online search can yield the relevant results.

Guide for acquiring a mint Ferrari 599XX

There are a few important things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a Ferrari 599XX in mint condition. We’ve prepared a mini guide with valuable suggestions to help you find the best deal without getting taken for a ride, figuratively speaking. This represents a considerable investment and all precautionary measures you take will be well understood by legitimate dealers. Here are a few tips to consider.

Verify the seller’s reputation

Before you even make an inquiry it’s wise to verify the reputation of the seller. If it’s a dealer the task becomes easier. Online consumer reviews and ratings aren’t difficult to obtain, but get them from a variety of different sources to ensure authenticity.

Have the vehicle inspected

If a Ferrari 599XX appears to be in mint condition you’re off to a good start, but there’s a lot more that goes into achieving this status. In order to qualify, the vehicle must be free of damage, corrosion, rust, leather shrinkage and wear and tear. Have it inspected by a qualified and certified Ferrari professional mechanic to confirm the small details of the model that you might not be aware of. This person can also assess the true value of the vehicle so you’ll know if the asking price is fair or overinflated.

Check the documentation

A rare car of this value must come with all of the accompanying documents that verify its authenticity. It should come with the original owner’s manual, and a maintenance and service log. This should detail every event in the life of the vehicle such as oil changes, and other routine maintenance inspections and services. Any repairs made should also be documented. They should have been performed by a certified Ferrari repair mechanic using original or factory parts versus aftermarket components. Any deviation could decrease the value of the car significantly.

Records of ownership and use

Most cars of this value have detailed records that explain the date of production, unique identifiers, and a history of the sale dates. There should also be some indication of how the car was stored, such as a garage, showroom, etc. The mileage should indicate some use. It’s not good for this type car to let it sit without firing it up for a good run every now and then.

Test drive

A test drive with a qualified Ferrari mechanic at your side is recommended. This will reveal any issues in the operation of the car, such as engine, transmission, brakes, or other issues.


Following a few simple tips can help to prepare you for a fruitful search for a Ferrari 599XX. Know who you’re dealing with in advance, inspect the vehicle, and become familiar with its history. Don’t hesitate to bring a professional along for a final assessment of condition and value before you close the deal. This is how to get your hands on a mint Ferrari 599XX and feel good about it later.

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