When Zoom was founded out of an embarrassment

Eric Yuan, co-founder and CEO, Zoom Video Communications, on Friday, shared a memory from his days in Cisco WebEx when he was embarrassed to come to know that not a single user was happy with the service. In 2007, WebEx was bought by Cisco.

Talking to Rajan Anandan, MD, Sequoia Capital during TiE Delhi-NCR‘s India Internet Day 2020 event, Yuan said, “I was 27 and Corporate Vice President of Cisco-WebEx. It was a year before I left the company when in the feedback we came to know that WebEx did not have a single happy customer. So I felt embarrassed. The WebEx Cisco collaboration wasn’t a good service to customers.”

He added that he tried to rebuild the platform, but it was really hard and he wasn’t able to convince his colleagues. He had also pitched in a smartphone-friendly conference video system, but Cisco didn’t take the proposal. This is when he decided to leave the company and start Zoom.

“The goal was simple, a better service bringing happiness back to these customers,” he said.

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