Training of Indian astronauts in Russia for Mission Gaganyaan on schedule despite Covid

New Delhi: The training of Indian astronauts in Russia for Gaganyaan mission is being held as per schedule notwithstanding the pandemic and the process will be completed as per schedule by March 2021. The bilateral summit expected to be held in October could see a signing of a pact for new areas of cooperation in space sector.

The Indian Embassy in Moscow is closely monitoring progress of astronaut training with the Indian envoy meeting the four astronauts recently. The Russian side has taken special care for healthcare of trainees.

“Space cooperation is a very old area of cooperation between India and Russia. We are very grateful to the support given by the Soviet Union. The first Indian cosmonaut in the Space was with the help that Soviet Union provided, was Rakesh Sharma. He is still looked upon by the young and old people in India as a great hero,” Indian Ambassador to Russia D Bala Venkatesh Varma said.

“Today, there are four astronauts called Gagan-nauts who are being trained in Russia, who will be travelling into space in the coming two years and that too, on an Indian spacecraft. So, this is yet another area of cooperation.”

The envoy said, “I had the opportunity to meet them recently and they are full of praise and admiration for the support, professionalism and the friendship that they received at the Roscosmos and from their Russian friends. And we are indeed very grateful for that. You see, the Space industry is changing. In the past, it used to be only the Government sector, the Space sector, which used to do Space research but, now, private industry is increasingly playing a role.”

“India too is allowing the Government sector to partner with the private sector. So, we would very much welcome Russian companies to participate in the opportunities in the Space sector in India, including, private sector companies to form joint ventures with the Indian partners and take this cooperation forward.”

India’s engagement with Russia in space relationships goes back to 1975, when the erstwhile Soviet Union helped in the launch of Aryabhata (India’s first satellite), from the Soyuz Launch Vehicle. Even the second satellite Bhaskara was launched from Soviet Union in 1979.

Two other areas where Russia is a critical partner are in the fields of satellite navigation through the Russian Satellite Navigation System ‘GLONASS’ for help in India’s own system called NavIC. The second is in the development of GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) Launch Vehicle, which powers the Chandrayaan-2 and many upcoming missions of ISRO by providing the Cryogenic rocket technology .

Training of Indian astronauts in Russia for Mission Gaganyaan on schedule despite Covid Training of Indian astronauts in Russia for Mission Gaganyaan on schedule despite Covid Reviewed by TechCO on 8/18/2020 Rating: 5

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